Simple Solutions for Stain Removal

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This Summer I’ll be re-running some of my favorite Simple Kids posts as Summer ReRuns. Today’s post is one of the first ones I ever bookmarked from SK, way back from 2009 before I was the editor here.  Megan shares some tips on stain removal that are timely during the Summer when there are so many wonderfully messy opportunities for fun. – Kara

Nature is inviting all of us to come outside and play.

No one wants to interrupt a glorious game of tag or bring a delicious and juicy dessert of fresh strawberries to a premature end for fear of stained clothing, but we also want to be good stewards of the material possessions we have by taking good care of them.  Yesterday, Asha at Parent Hacks shared her Almost Sure-Fire Clothing Stain Removal tip, and it reminded me that I have a few ideas of my own to share on summer stains.

1) Whenever possible, set aside some of the summer wardrobe for “play clothes” – for children and adults alike.  If everyone is playing outside in clothes that have been purposed for play, no one (not even the grown-ups) will give a second thought to rolling in the grass or indulging in a drippy, melt-y chocolate ice cream cone.

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The Friday Five: 5 Popular Posts (aka, things I cannot believe I shared on the internet)


Do you know why I’m holding this potty seat?  If you are just joining us at the SK blog (welcome!) or if you missed a few posts, this might be a mystery.

Never fear, I’m here to answer your questions in this week’s Friday Five.

My family and I are enjoying a few days staying at my parents place in the middle of nowhere. I’ve been looking forward to this chance to unwind, hang out with my parents, and escape daily life for months now.  Isn’t it neat to watch your parents be grandparents?  It is one of my favorite things.

While we are enjoying lightening bugs, fireworks, swimming, and berry picking, I thought I’d share five popular posts so far for 2013.

According to my analytics, these are the readers’ favorite posts so far this year (and many of them are mine, too):

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Unplugged play: a MEGA fort


As I mentioned on Monday, the weather has been very un-July-like so far.  After weeks of sunshine, temperatures dropped and the rain clouds came and with it a slight dampening of our Summer fun.

But that didn’t last long.

We purchased a new washing machine (my first ever new, not-second-hand washing machine, hooray!) and when the kind delivery men saw how thrilled my kids were with the giant box, they gave them two more from the back of the truck.

Three HUGE boxes to play with?

Time to make a MEGA fort!

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Ideas for rainy days and Mondays

This Summer, from time to time, I’ll be re-running some of my favorite Simple Kids posts.  This post on rainy day fun seems perfect for the streak of Summer thunderstorms we”ve been having lately.  It originally appeared in April of 2012. Enjoy! – Kara

I don”t know what this time of year has looked like so far in your neck of the woods, but where we live the weather has been teasing us.  One week we”ll have gorgeous, sunny, blue skies with warm temperatures and the next week the skies will open up and pour freezing rain down upon us for three days straight.

This week is one of those cold, rainy, and gray ones so I”m digging up some of my best ideas for rainy days and Mondays – determined that they will not get us down!

I”m rounding up good ideas for indoor play and busting boredom on these rainy days and pinning them on my Rainy Days and Mondays Pinterest board.

Here are a few of our kid-tested favorites:

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