Some mid-week reading: boredom, self care, elephants, and a giant carrot


Ha!  Would you look at that?  I intended to schedule some posts for this week so that I could take a little mini-blogging break but it would appear that none of my scheduled posts actually published.  (Proving once again that I know just enough about blogging to be dangerous to myself and little else).

So, because I’ve picked up a head cold during our travels and don’t really have much to share besides “pass the hot tea and the tissues please” and a few pictures from our weekend, here are some mid-week reads I think are worth pointing out on this Wednesday morning.

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Weekend link love: savoring the last days of Summer edition


We are off to celebrate a very important birthday and to try and squeeze in a few more Summer adventures while the weather is still lovely and sunny.  I hope you and your kids have a wonderful weekend.  See you Monday!


Back to School Shopping: Mom's Essentials and the Kids' Essentials (Target Inner Circle)


Note:  I”m a member of the Target Inner Circle and Target generously provided some gift cards so that the kids and I could go back to school shopping.  All opinions expressed below are my own, of course.

Last Friday I mentioned that we had already started school here and it was time for me to face the music and (insert ominous movie soundtrack here) go back to school shopping.  

Actually I shouldn”t complain about it because I really do love back to school and all the new-pencil-fresh-sheets-of-paper joy that comes with it.  It is a time of year full of possibilities.  Hopefully that feeling is contagious and spreads to my kiddos, too.

When a friend heard we were back to school shopping she was taken aback, “why are you back to school shopping?  Don”t you still homeschool?”  Yes, homeschoolers use pencils and gluesticks, too. Oh, boy, do we ever!

Also, this year my kids are involved in more clubs and activities than ever, so we added some “on the go” gear like lunchboxes and backpacks to our shopping list along with our annual restocking of the school supply cubbies.

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Playful Learning World Tour: Hello from Indiana, USA #PlayfulTour


Greetings from Indiana, USA!  The kids and I are so happy to be the current stop on

If you”ve never been to the Simple Kids blog before, welcome!  If you”re a regular reader, then you might recognize long-time Simple Kids contributor Mariah Bruehl and her .


To introduce ourselves, my name is Kara and my kids are Amelia, Lucy, Max, and Jillian.  We live in Fortville, a small town in central Indiana (close to Indianapolis) in the United States.

We love our town because it has lots of green space, including two parks, a wonderful community arts center, and a terrific library.  We love our local ice cream parlor and on Wednesday evenings in the Summertime there is a classic car “cruise in” right on Main Street.

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The Friday Five: Making Back-to-School a Little Simpler


Would you believe the kids and I are  already back-to-school?  We set our own calendar as homeschoolers, but actually many local schools are currently in session, too.  I would wager that some of you are reading this after sending your own kids off to school this morning. I raise my coffee mug to you, mamas and papas.

After a wonderful, whirlwind summer it seems a little mind-boggling that it is time once again for backpacks and books.

My own kids are taking classes and are participating in more clubs and activities outside of our home this year and it has been a little shocking how quickly our calendar switched from block parties, play dates at the park, and mornings at the creek to meetings, classes, and practices.

In many ways, this return to steadier routines is actually kind of nice, and we do limit the number of activities the kids participate in, but I can see how things could get overwhelming in a hurry this school year.

So, for this week’s Friday Five I’m sharing five resources to making going back-to-school a little simpler, and know that I’m sharing this list for myself just as much as for all of you.

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