Summer Bucket List: The Pink Elephant (Small Town Living)


This has been the summer of walking for our family, as I mentioned a few weeks ago. Yes, we’ve been ditching the car, saving on gas, and putting our sneakers to work.  And we’ve loved it!

Walking has given us a chance to better become local tourists and really get to know the ins and outs of this wonderful small town where we live.

One of the local gems we’ve discovered this summer is the Indulge Ice Cream Parlor and Cafe.  Shortly after we discovered this lovely ice cream shop, we put “eat a Pink Elephant” on our Summer bucket list.

Eat a pink elephant?

Yes, a pink elephant – a giant strawberry ice cream concoction named after our town’s mascot, a huge pink elephant statue.

You’ve been introduced to the Pink Elephant before, when I shared our Indiana Bastille Day adventure:

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Weekend link love


I think that’s it for me this weekend.  We’re doing big time bathroom remodeling and painting (hold me) so I suppose I should quit hiding here on the computer and see if I can’t lend a hand.

I hope you and your kids are up to something wonderful!

Best wishes, Kara