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Hello Monday!  A new week, a fresh start, and the very last day of September, which was a pretty lovely month for our family.

I wanted to draw your attention to this week”s Bundle of the Week ebook sale: Kids in the Kitchen.  Featuring ebooks with easy-to-follow recipes, guidelines and schedules for teaching kitchen skills, this bundle will help you and your kids discover the fun of cooking while teaching important life skills.

This week only, get all five ebooks for more than 85% off!

Included in the sale:

The Kids in the Kitchen bundle is only available through 8am EST on Monday, 10/7 so if you”re interested, grab your bundle today!

Weekend Links

Hiking with Lucy ::: Weekend Links

It has been unusually busy here at the Fleck household, and that isn’t how I like for things to be.  The full calendar combined with the new sleeping, or lack of sleeping, schedule my toddler has adopted (without even consulting me, mind you, ha ha!) means that I haven’t quite found my new groove for writing in this season of life.

So, if posts are a little haphazard and sometimes I don’t update until the evenings, now you know why: this mama is stealing away whatever scraps of time she can for writing and that often doesn’t happen until after bedtime.

I hope you’re finding some time and space to rest and recharge for the week ahead, friend.  Have a lovely weekend!


Baking as a lesson in perfect imperfection.


The weather turned cooler this week, and the calendar officially welcomed Fall, so right on queue my baking instincts have started kicking in.

Now, I’m not much of a cook and I’m certainly not a food blogger (as my non-Pinterest “worthy” pictures will attest) but I do love to bake. I have ever since I was a teenager.  I love measuring and mixing and the chemistry aspect to it.  I like recipes that tell you step by step what to do, and I even love baking complicated things. When I need to relax, if I’m not reaching for my knitting needles then I’m probably reaching for my oven mitts.

I remember, not that many years ago, when baking was something I did at night after the kids were in bed.  Sometimes it is still that way, long solo baking sessions where I can make every thing just so.  But more often than not, these days I share the experience, and the resulting havoc, with my kids.

For me, baking with my children can either be about forced efficiency and picture perfect results (and major stress) … or it can be about purposefully deciding to let go, live in the moment, and practice all of that patient, mindful, uncomplicated parenting that I preach.

In other words, I think baking with the kids is as good for me as it is for them.

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Little Passports Two Day Flash Sale


I have some news from one of my affiliates today:  over the next 48 hours Little Passports will be having a Flash Sale. (Please note that I am an affiliate for Little Passports.  Thanks for your support!)

We use, and love, Little Passports in our home.  Max and Lucy, my five and seven year olds, share a World subscription and my eleven year old has a USA subscription.  We incorporate them into our homeschool, but you don”t have to be a homeschooler to appreciate the mix of kid-friendly fun and education.

From Little Passports …

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Unplugged Play: a Color Hunt Walk

color walk rainbow

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This past Summer, as part of the Backyard Science Investigations course from the kids and I discovered these great printable color wheels and the idea of looking specifically for colors while we were outdoors.

We had a lot of fun with this activity and I knew the idea of looking for colors in nature would be a great discovery tool for Autumn, too.


As it happens, we”ve been doing a lot of walking in recent months, discovering that is is a lovely way to get around our small town.  That means we”ve been going to some of the same places on foot as we”re out and about and we”ve been able to observe them as the months go by.

As the seasons have changed, we”ve been observing what things are different and what things stay the same on our walks.  I”ve been impressed with what the kids notice.

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