The Friday Five: 5 ways the bunny and I are keeping Easter simple



Easter is around the corner and, as you know, I’m trying to simplify things, including taking the holidays down a notch.

Easter is going to look a little different at our house this year as I make good on my promise to simplify things for my family.

So, for today’s Friday Five I bring you …

5 Simple and Sweet Easter Ideas

1. A Family Easter Basket – this year, instead of individual baskets, the bunny and I have decided to take a simpler path and have one family Easter basket for all to share.  The kids will have smaller baskets for hunting eggs, but instead of 4 baskets of presents, we’re keeping things simple with one larger basket with bubbles, sidewalk chalk, art supplies, and a few sweet treats for all to share.

2. Frame Eggs ::: The Artful Parent – earlier this week we dyed some eggs, which completely freaked my four year old out. “I don’t like eggs that aren’t egg colors!” she wailed.  Oh, boy.  Okay, maybe we’ll try dying Easter eggs again next year.  In the meantime, our hard boiled eggies are going to get the Sharpie marker frame treatment and some doodles, inspired by The Artful Parent, which is actually easier than using dye anyway.  Win-win.

3. Fancy Breakfast, Simple Dinner – the years that Easter falls in the middle of tax season, as it does this year, are years that my family doesn’t travel for the holiday.  Instead of trying to pull off a fancy dinner just for the six of us, we decided to have a fancy and fun Easter breakfast instead and to keep the rest of the day’s meals simple.  This will be easier on me, allow my husband (the cook in our family) to actually enjoy a day off, and it will be kinder to our wallets, too.

4. Spring Crafts, not Easter Crafts – eggs aside, we’re also keeping things simple with decorating and crafting this year.  The kids and I are doing a few Spring themed crafts and we have those on display, but I didn’t drag the Easter tote out of the garage this year.  The simpler the better for me and so I’m skipping the bunny and chick specific crafts and knick knacks.  Maybe next year, but for now I’m content to skip it.

5. No Easter OutfitsI know!  This is so unlike me, the mom who likes to dress her kids in outfits and even buys silly pajamas for every holiday, but this year it isn’t in my budget and it seemed a little excessive to buy new dress clothes for the kids when they each have a perfectly nice dressy outfit in their closets right now and we’re staying home on Easter Sunday anyway and *gasp* we aren’t doing the (terrifying to my toddler) Easter bunny visit and picture either.

I don’t know about you, but the bunny and I think it sounds like a lovely plan.

How are you simplifying the spring holidays?

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Kara Fleck is the editor of Simple Kids. She is a small town mama, writer, knitter, bookworm, and hooligan. Kara lives in Indiana with her husband Christopher and their four children Jillian, Max, Lucy, and Amelia. You can find more of her writing at

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  1. I wouldn’t do an Easter outfit either but my MIL has started the habit of sending an Easter outfit for both kids each year and you know I’m not complaining! Love the tutorial for the framed easter eggs, I think that will be a great project for my kids to do that will keep their interest while mommy tries a few “grown up” dying projects that involve things sitting in liquid for 30+ minutes. Great list!
    Jen E @ mommablogsalot´s latest post: high five for friday: march 29th 2013

  2. I love these. Holidays can be exhausting, and that’s the last thing I want to happen to me or the rest of my family for Easter, of all holidays! I haven’t made basket plans yet but I love the idea of a family basket. And the sharpies. And skipping the Easter outfits, since the holiday’s in two days and I have bought nothing new for this year. :)
    Anne @ Modern Mrs Darcy´s latest post: Sometimes You Need to Go to Counseling. Sometimes You Just Need Permission to Relax.

  3. We’re keeping it simple too, Kara. Partly because we always keep it pretty simple, but also because we sort of forgot this weekend was Easter! So early this year. Have a happy one.
    Robin from Frugal Family Times´s latest post: Easter Fun: Kool Eggs for Kool Kids

  4. Love the idea of a family basket! I too am trying to simplify all the commercialism of our religious holidays. Mostly because we want our focus to be on the true meaning of the holiday for us. This was a great post!

  5. Love these ideas, Kara. The Easter Bunny that comes to my house always has such great plans for keeping things simple, then caves at the last minute as he stands in front of all the “cute” stuff on the store shelves!!!
    Debbie´s latest post: Does the Easter Bunny Believe in Real Food?

  6. Oh, #5 makes me feel so much better! I had a dress and a pair of pants all planned out for my two, but the fabric is still sitting, uncut, in my sewing room. (And I still have stuffed bunnies and felt eggs to finish, so I’m not going to get to it, I think…) I was feeling awful about not having new outfits for them. But really – they’re just going to get their clothes dirty dyeing eggs at church on Sunday, anyway…so this way I don’t have to worry about that. :) xo
    meghann´s latest post: on needles :: 03.27.13

  7. I’m with you on ditching the Easter dresses this year, Kara. Seems like they get more expensive every year! (or maybe that’s because my kids are getting older and so “mom’s fashion” isn’t translating as much…)

    Two of my kids are allergiic to eggs, so we rarely have eggs around the house. So we do Easter crafts instead (like the stained glass project!). We also have a white “Easter Tree” (white branches I found at Pier One) and the girls take turns hiding the Resurrection Eggs and then placing the items on the tree as they tell the Easter Story. Great way for hands-on learners!
    Heather Gaither´s latest post: The Best Products for a Congested Baby

  8. Love it! I knocked down the candy factor. The boys are just getting a tiny box of Peter Rabbit Jelly Bellies and the few pieces found in our egg hunt in the backyard. I used to rush home after Mass to get our Easter dinner together (which was actually at lunch-ish time)…put me in a bad mood, ya know. So, now, we are doing Easter dinner AT dinner. We will have a fun breakfast and keep our tradition of going out to lunch after church a bit lighter. And, the Easter bunny… I don’t know… I can’t decide if I want to do the whole “bunny thing” or not. I understand why the colored Easter eggs (there is a real story behind it). But why we have an Easter bunny…I just don’t know what to do with that. My fam always did it, but I can’t decide. Any suggestions? Anyhoo…I am rambling now. But, I love your ideas to keeping it simple! Have a happy Easter!!
    Heather´s latest post: Wordless Wednesday

  9. Jennifer Moore says:

    Love these ideas! We are doing some similar things:

    Small basket of child specific goodies- DD1 is getting a sun dress and DD2 a bathing suit, both things they need for the upcoming season, but not Easter specific. DD1 is getting a barbie and DD 2 a Littlest Pet Shop figure.

    Family activites, coloring books, bubbles, crayons, chalk will all be given to share (much like your idea!)

    We have a small egg hunt with eggs we already own. We buy one bag of mixes candy, and have more than enough to fill all the eggs, with some left over.

    We will have a family brunch that we will make together (kids set the table and parents cook) and stay home for the day.

    Its a nice low key family holiday! :)

  10. I traveled to Germany on a student exchange when I was in high school, and the family I stayed with made an Easter Egg tree and had a lovely brunch on Easter morning. No big dinner, just a yummy brunch. And we all got some little gifts at our plate. I loved it so much that I have incorporated that into our family here in Canada 20 years later.
    Alison @ BluebirdMama´s latest post: 8 Ideas to Nurture Your Self Through Motherhood

  11. We never go big on Easter. We don’t use separate baskets for presents and for hunting eggs – they just each have one basket that they will find when they wake up Easter morning, containing a few small gifts (usually a small book, some stickers and/or temporary tattoos, and something else like a pair of sunglasses or a jump rope). They will then use the same basket for a small egg hunt in the yard – just about 20-25 eggs total, each containing either one little piece of candy, a few coins, or some more stickers. Also, we bought them nice reusable Easter baskets that they use each year, same basket every year. And finally, for dresses – it’s all about hand-me-downs for us! :)

  12. I LOVE that family basket idea!! I’m using that!
    We’re going on a vacation April 6-19, so instead of rushing to dye eggs before Easter, we’ll be doing it on vacation….as a family with two young kids who don’t prefer hard boiled eggs, I dread the waste of decorating eggs (I can’t eat regular old store bought white eggs). Well have a craft to fill an afternoon, and more people to eat the decorated eggs, since we’re vacationing with my parents. Win/win! We’ll just call them spring eggs.

  13. I just made much the same decision. It feels so good to relax on a holiday instead of the usual. I may never buy another Easter dress! Love the family basket idea.

  14. MemeGRL says:

    I love the idea of the family basket. I keep it simple by getting the kids approximately the same things (this year, both got a tennis racquet and balls from Target because they asked to take tennis lessons this spring–a little more extravagant than the bunny usually goes, but hey, they are from Target, and more to the point–we needed to get them the racquets anyway) and “personalizing” with the preferred candy (one is a chocoholic, the other likes the sour candies).
    Also: a family near us found the shelves bare of eggs this year and vamped: they decorated ping pong balls! (Their kids were older–elementary/middle school) but I thought it was a great improvisation!


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    5 Ways to Keep Easter Simple | Simple Kids

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