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Have you glanced at the rows and rows of titles in the parenting section in your local bookstore or library lately?  Turned on the television to view a panel of experts debating the latest theories on ways to create a “perfect” childhood?  Walked down the aisles at the toy store and been overwhelmed by all of the choices, products, and systems?

Do you ever stop and wonder are we making this harder than it has to be?

It seems, at times, like play and childhood are becoming obsolete.  We live in such a hurry-up world that we forget sometimes that life doesn’t have to be that fast-paced and play doesn’t require batteries or the endorsement of a television character.    We don’t need the newest baby gadget or the latest handheld gaming device to offer our kids a happy childhood.

Here at Simple Kids, we invite parents to slow down and reconnect with the fundamentals of parenting.  It is time to get back to basics and make childhood simple again.  It is time to have more fun!

Beyond that, we want to counter the mainstream message that parents must offer their children the endless option for “more” and that they aren’t enough.  Friends, if I could gently remind you of anything, it would be this: you ARE enough. Right now, just as you are. We are each unique in our circumstances. We’re each doing the best we can. Who you are, the parent you are today, that is enough. We each have our own gifts, our children their own needs.

Love your babies, be gentle on yourselves, recognize just how amazing it all really is.

At Simple Kids, we are about:

  • mindful parenting
  • fun children’s activities
  • play and learning
  • creating and crafting
  • family time
  • healthy living

Some of my favorite Simple Kids posts:

In all of our endeavors at Simple Living Media, our mission is the same: to help people live simply.  One person’s “simple” might very well be another person’s “complicated.” Whatever simplifies YOUR life, friends, that is what you should strive toward. You don’t have to copy someone else’s definition of what a “simple life” is if their parameters would only complicate your own life – and that includes the ideas here at SimpleKids.net.

Take what works best for you.

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