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Fleck Family | September 2014 |

My name is Kara Fleck and I am the editor of

My husband Christopher and I live in a small town in central Indiana with our four children:  Jillian (age 12), Max (age 8), Lucy (age 6), and Amelia (age 3).

I am a dreamer, a writer, a knitter, and a crafter. I’m also a bookworm and a bit of a hooligan.  I am a fan of IndyCar, cheesecake, and turning the music up a little too loud.

I’m a believer in childhood and the importance of keeping it as uncomplicated as possible.

In my pre-blogging life I have done everything from designing flyers for local bands (which sounds much cooler than the small-scale venture it actually was), working for my university’s English department as a student secretary, and for a few years I was the assistant manager of a small bookstore.

I married my husband, Christopher, in 2000 and we started a family shortly thereafter.

Before turning to blogging, my creative outlet was self-publishing a hand-drawn zine on life as a new mother as well as editing a compilation zine on extended breastfeeding called Yes, I’m STILL Nursing.  I was a part of the first Mamaphiles: Birth project.

I have been published in the Little Acorn Learning newsletter, Rhythm of the Home, Bamboo magazine, The Natural Nester At-Home Summer Nature Camp ecurriculum, 3 Things for Mom, and as a member of the Target Inner Circle I occasionally write for A Bullseye View.

I’ve written for the Simple Living Media blogs: Simple Mom, Simple Homeschool, and Simple Organic/Simple Homemade.

I’ve also been a guest on the Simple Mom and the Raising Playful Tots podcasts.

In addition to editing Simple Kids since February 2010, I write about creative living at K. Elizabeth Fleck.

Why I Love Simple Kids

I believe that childhood shouldn’t be complicated.

One of my favorite things about being a parent is getting to play, craft, and create with my children – any excuse to get messy and giggle!  I see Simple Kids as an invitation to parents to slow down and reconnect with the fundamentals of parenting.   It is time to get back to basics and make childhood simple again.

Too many families seem to be rushing by the very best parts of childhood.  I hope Simple Kids can be a voice advocating the idea of slowing down and living in the moment.


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