5 Simple Ways to Invite More Rhythm to Your Days

5 Simple Ways to Invite Rhythm into Your Daily Life | SimpleKids.netReaders, I’m so happy to share this guest post with you today that was written by my friend Kathy Stowell.  I think you’ll love what she has to say about adding rhythm to your days. – Kara

Maybe it’s the half-Latina in me but, ay carumba, I love rhythm! But it wasn’t always this way.

I resisted rhythm at the beginning of my parenting journey because of my mom. A full-blooded Latina, she really pressed upon me the importance of a strong daily rhythm with a new-born babe in the house.

Unfortunately, at the time, she used the word ‘routine.’ Something about that word repelled me back then and I resisted. So I went about my happy, ‘no rhyme or reason’ ways. But, as it turns out, Mamisita was right. Embracing a strong rhythm to our family’s days offers a whole host of benefits.

Luckily, I noticed this in time for the welcoming of our second child four years later.


By then, I’d observed that the stronger a family’s rhythm, the smoother the days ultimately flow.

And there are other pulse-loving perks along the ways such as:

  • Mama is more easily afforded the time and space to rejuvenate in whatever way feels most delicious to her.
  • Behavior challenges from the kids (or from ourselves) are quickly pinpointed and soothed.
  • The kids get to sleep with less fuss and wake up well-rested.
  • Predictable islands of communion are looked forward to and offer deeper nourishment for our bodies and souls.

How do you go about getting more rhythm into your family’s days? Here are five simple ways:

1. Start the day off with a mama-only morning ritual that speaks to your soul.

A good song always starts with a good bang of the gong. (Yes, I have eccentric taste in music.) Set the tone to a cheery, rhythm-rich day by ensuring you embrace a guilt-free ritual to indulge in.

This musing comes courtesy of a latte-soaked moment sitting at my computer while my husband does his wholesome, yoga practice beside me. I’m over the self-judgment. What counts is that you start with unadulterated bliss so you may inspire the rest of those you encounter with your good morning vibes for the remainder of the day.

2. Remember rituals from your own childhood and be inspired by them.

My brother and I were given a bath every Sunday afternoon. I remember how Sundays always smelled like Mr Bubbles and cozy flannel jammies. Ironically, I’m probably the world’s worst bath giver ever. (Again, releasing judgement.)

Be inspired from your own youth and see if you can offer the golden memory of ritual into your own children’s childhood experience.

3. Sing a song somewhere.

When the kids were younger, I sang them a morning verse when I opened up their curtain to welcome in the day. We sang a verse too before dinner until it was apparent that I was the only one singing. Now we just offer each other what I call ‘googley eyes.’

A simple place to start your sing-songy ways is to sing at hand washing time. It can be simple and silly. We sang the verse “Three Men in a Tub” and the deal was to rub the bubbles until the song was over. Great way to ensure that the soap gets smeared around some and to literally add rhythm to the day!


4. Ensure politeness is observed in your daily interactions with each other.

What a sweet way to be introduced to the concept of anticipation. It always feels like something is missing now when the ketchup is passed out without a precursory ‘please.’

This is such a simple way to bring an aspect of rhythm into the day along with the reminder that, in this house, we treat each other with respect and gratitude.

5. Finish the following sentence: In this family, we…

Rhythm-building has the uncanny side effect of building a family’s sense of identity that will later help form the foundation of a strong sense of self, as our little ones bust a move out in the real world.

Start small. Start pragmatic.

Some ideas might include: In this family, we …

  • say thank you
  • wash our hands before we eat
  • take our shoes off at the door
  • all help clear the table
  • have pancakes on Sunday

Share your sentence out loud a couple of times this week and feel into how it sounds and how it feels.

I hope these five tips got your inner Latina at least tapping her big toe a bit in anticipation to a tiny bit more rhythm in your family’s life.

I would love to hear how some of this might look for you.

In the comments, do share how you might finish the sentence “In this family, we… .” I’m looking forward to dancing a bit to the sound of your gong!

kathy-0234Kathy Stowell is the founder of Mama Bliss Coaching School where she trains moms to coach other moms to find their bliss from within. She’s a certified Simplicity Parenting Coach and Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach. Her work on becoming a blissful mama has been published by Leonie Dawson, Tiny Buddha and more. She is a wife, a proud mom of two kids and loves a mean latte. Sign up for her free ecourse Money Bliss: How to Earn an Income from Home (and still be an awesome mom) by clicking here.

Ever considered becoming a coach yourself? Kathy has created a 12 week program specifically for moms wanting to support other moms to more self-care, creativity and simplicity. Spring session for Mama Bliss Coaching School is open for registration until March 20th. Send in your application form today to get to talk directly to Kathy to learn more by going to: www.MamaBlissCoachingSchool.com

About Kara

Kara Fleck is the editor of Simple Kids. She is a small town mama, writer, knitter, bookworm, and hooligan. Kara lives in Indiana with her husband Christopher and their four children Jillian, Max, Lucy, and Amelia. You can find more of her writing at KElizabethFleck.com.

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  1. Kathy, I love this post! Thank you so much for sharing it here 🙂
    I love the prompt, too and I’m eager to read what other families share.

    In this family, we … dance in the kitchen!
    Kara @SimpleKids.net´s latest post: 5 Simple Ways to Invite More Rhythm to Your Days

    • You`re most welcome Kara! So glad you played with the prompt. Love dance parties!
      I`ll share something very alive in our rhythm at the moment:
      In this family we play quietly until Mama`s done her yoga and Dada`s done his yoga and then we have breakfast together 🙂
      Kathy´s latest post: A Superhero’s Life ~ Andrea Scher

  2. In this family, we… leave our shoes at the door and wash our hands.
    … have quiet time after lunch.
    … do our morning jobs after breakfast.
    … sing silly songs.
    … laugh together, all the time.

    Now I want to use that prompt as a conversation starter at the dinner table. I wonder how my kids would end that sentence!
    Melissa Camara Wilkins´s latest post: On parenting teens: Ready or not

  3. This is a lovely idea for a blog post – I may even ask my kids this at dinner tonight!!! Our one mantra that is said over and over all day in our house would be: “In this family we are our brother’s keeper.” That is a strong one that my kids have all grown up with and it ties them together at the best of times and the worst of times… in the heat of battle and in moments of great joy.
    se7en´s latest post: The Penguin Walk 2014… The Planes, Trains and Automobile Version…

  4. From the sound of your post, it looks like my family has got a good rhythm going!

    I’m a fan of routine/rhythm, especially as it helps my kids anticipate and know what tends to come up next. We have Saturday Pancakes, we bathe the same time every night, and we sing them songs and read books before going to bed.

    We tend to have “pillars” that establish our day, and these tend to revolve around nap times. For instance, the twins nap from 9:30 to 11, and again from 2 to 3:30. We follow the same routines when they wake up: milk, change diapers, then awake time. But what we do during that awake time tends to fluctuate. Maybe we’ll go to a family gathering, or to the park, or grab some frozen yogurt. But the nap and sleep times are our pillars that we use to create spontaneity around.

    As far as morning rituals, I guess I could count my waking up at early every day as alone mom time lol. This is when I’m barely awake, and there’s no way I can wake up at the same time as the kids. Nothing worse than drudging through the mornings half awake and having to take care of kids.
    Nina´s latest post: Dear Kids, Sometimes I’m a Horrible Mom

  5. Lovely post! I like the way it made me think and made me smile. 🙂
    In our family, we…
    ~go hiking on most Mondays except in winter.
    ~leave our shoes on the back porch.
    ~eat outside at the big backyard table my hubby made for us when the weather is nice enough (because our family barely fits at the inside one!).
    ~shout “duck!” when we go under overpasses (otherwise we shout “ouch!” or “bonk!” if we don’t duck our heads in time).
    ~slow down, roll down the window and all shout hello and goodbye at birds and animals we pass on the country roads (it entertains our two year old).
    Yes, homeschool is a little wacky in our family. 🙂 Thanks for the new ideas!
    Magic and Mayhem´s latest post: Genetic Profiles of Dog Breeds


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