Simple Spring Celebrations: Earth Day, Easter, and The Pink Full Moon

I am so excited to introduce Simple Kids readers to our Guest Poster today: Eileen Straiton of Little Acorn Learning. Thank you Eileen, for sharing some ideas for simple Spring celebrations for Earth Day, Easter, and more!

Spring is a time of preparation, rebirth, new life and change; a wonderful time to recreate yourself. Nature is constantly sending us signs and symbols of which path to take. It is a time for us to listen and take notice of the world around us. As caregivers and parents, it is a wonderful time to mediate on the gifts we have to offer in this life. What are our unique talents and deepest desires? How can we use them to best serve humanity and those around us?

Celebrating Spring’s Colors

Spring is a time of color. Beautiful colors that we see reflected in new flowers, vegetable gardens and trees. Colors reflected by the increased light and warmth during this season. What colors are you using in your home and classroom? This is a good time to wash windows and hang prisms, sun-catchers and crystals to capture the light of spring and reflect it into our homes.

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