In Tents: Recess Monkey runs away with the circus

The following post is by contributor Jennifer Brown.

Recess Monkey, one of our favorite bands here at Simple Kids, has done it againIn Tents their latest upcoming release (it’s available this Saturday June 16, 2012) does not disappoint in their attempt to create children’s music that’s enjoyable for the entire family.

In Tents

In Tents, tells the musical tale of circus life highlighting everything from outrageous acts like the “Human Cannonball,” to filling your tummy with “Popcorn” & “Lemonade” and finally enjoying the ride on some of those classic carnival attractions like the “Carousel” and the tilt-a-whirl (“Sit and Spin”).

The background tale of how the band’s “manager” Mayor Monkey (a hilariously mischievous character you’ll recognize from previous albums) trades the band’s instruments for a broken down circus.  The story that develops through these cleverly penned hits is told in the beautifully graphic liner notes.  Take time to read it to your kids, because once you know the story behind the songs it makes them all that much more enjoyable.

I think you’ll also enjoy the photographic story and getting to know the band a little better.

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