Public Service Announcements

Wireless Amber Alerts

This free text messaging service will send you an alert to your wireless phone whenever an Amber Alert has been initiated.  I have added my name to their list, because so many times I’ll see a roadside digital marquee several hours or days after the alert first went out.  Living in a huge metroplex, the likelihood of an Amber Alert here is higher, as disturbing as it may be.  With my name added to their subscription list, I can know immediately, and keep an eye out just as soon.   It takes about 10 seconds.  Please take a look.

Spark People – Free Fitness Assistance

When you’re looking to find a new workout routine to spice things up,  or you just want an outlet to record your progress and weight management, Spark People is where to go.  The service and support is completely free, and the resources available are both accurate and encouraging.  Get involved & be a healthy role model for your kids.

While you’re keeping track of your health and fitness, take a look at this site to find what your child can do with you.  The database is comprehensive, tracking a child’s health standards and recommendations from the prenatal stage through age 12.  I am thankful for the ability to have all of this useful information at my disposal… pretty incredible, I think. – Amazing Children’s Book Resource

Do your children blow through books with hurricane-force curiosity and enjoyment?  If so, I hope you appreciate this free book and poster downloading database.  You’ll find many different levels of reading skill involved, all with a high standard of creativity and execution.  Let me know what you think!

While you’re reading, playing or exercising with your kids, sometimes the same old playlist gets boring. If you’re looking for fresh musicians and plentiful legal downloads, Musical Squash is where it’s at.

Free Home Depot Kids Workshop (ages 5-12)

The first Saturday of each month offers a new interactive how-to craft for your kids.  They’ll learn the importance of tool safety and etiquette while participating in this generous resource.  

Frugal Fun

Photo by Tanya McCoy

Taking Mr. Potato Head to New Lengths

Pomme du terre is literally “apple of the earth” and serves as the term for potato in French.  I love potatoes and find that I always buy too many.  So, bear with me as I share with you my exploration of what the heck I can do with the extras to avoid being wasteful.  If you think about it, this little dirt veggie has a lot of education & entertainment potential.  But, if you don’t think about it… that’s what I’m here for.

From serving as a great visual for plant growth to acting as a conductor of electricity, there’s no real reason for potatoes to go to waste.  Check out these resources I’ve found as proof.

Spotlight on Spuds from NCSU’s Science Junction

  • Featuring: The Potato Clock, Floating Potato & Insulating Potatoes

Potato Power

  • An amazing intro to BASIC electrical engineering… with a potato battery

Potato Craft Dough

  • Edible craft dough.  You don’t have to say “Don’t Eat That!!” with this one.

Potato Maze | Fantastic Family Project

  • An activity featured on PBS Kids that will entertain and amaze.

Potato Chip Can Camera

Potato Chip Bag Bracelet

Potato Launcher

  • Attempt at Your Own Risk .. and at your own house.

Showcase Day

Welcome to another Monday at Simple Kids!

Today we have two paintings that deserve to be shared…

9-yr-old Keenan created the following painting in an impressionistic art class.   His parents point out the the intricate, numerous stages the piece had to transcend to achieve this result.  He’s nine and I’m excited to see what he does next.
Bridge on Dark Stormy Night

The next one is from my own house.  My son was born on Valentine’s Day, so he inevitably would bring home art projects from Kindergarten about “his birthday”.   My husband and I were floored by Our Valentine’s valentine.


That’s it for this week; keep the submissions coming!