Seeds of Potential: Exploring Similarities and Differences with Children

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As children grow older their social world begins to expand and to take an ever-increasing role in their life and minds. As a classroom teacher and a parent I have witnessed first hand the enormous benefits that come from the explicit introduction of social and emotional skills to children. When children have the language and skills that are necessary to effectively express themselves and to navigate through a variety of circumstances, they have more energy and time to dedicate to playing, learning and growing.

Families that explore these concepts together develop a shared language and lines of communication that will become ever so important as children become exposed to more complex social dynamics.

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Storybook Bingo + more activities for early readers

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For those of us who have young, emerging readers in our lives, we know that it is a fine line between the euphoria of sweet success and the frustration that can easily come and overtake them. It is these ups and downs that are the reason why the reading process should stay light and fun. There is no better way to make learning to read fun and playful, than by engaging in simple games with your child.

Storybook bingo

Storybook bingo is a great way to encourage word recognition. It is the perfect activity for children who are beginning to recognize  simple words and who have strong letter-to-sound recognition. The inspiration for this game came from No Time for Flashcards, which is my go-to resource for .

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Young writer's card making caddy

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I am a huge fan of making for . Yet, I often find that when it is time to get busy, getting creative, I have to search in ten different spots to find inspirational materials.

So this year, before the Mother”s Day, Father”s Day, end of the school year, family birthday card making frenzy started, I decided to put together a card caddy that would have everything the girls needed to make lovely and unique cards.

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