Creative Photography with Children – and a Through the Lens ecourse Giveaway, too!

The following post is by contributor Mariah Bruehl of .

With summer quickly approaching it is nice for parents to have a repertoire of engaging activities in the backs of their minds that encourage children to keep reading, writing, and being creative.

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Photography offers children a wonderful outlet for expressing themselves and taking in the world around them. Not only does it channel their natural tendency to be attracted to technology in a positive direction, but photography can also inspire writing and other forms of self-expression.

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Learning to Set the Table: Homemade Placemats

The following is by contributor Mariah Bruehl of Playful Learning.

Children love to be involved in holiday preparations and decorating. This enthusiasm creates a wonderful entry point for teaching children how to set the table.

One way to make setting the table fun for everyone involved is to make placemats that can help guide your child through the process. They are very simple to make and will add a personal touch to your family meals.

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Head of the Class: Eco-Friendly Lunch Containers for a Smarter Planet

With back-to-school time just around the corner, I thought it might be helpful to Simple Kids readers to re-run this post by contributor Mariah Bruehl, founder of Playful Learning, about eco-friendly lunch containers.  Enjoy! ~ Kara

Every winter tends to lead to the infamous lunch-packing rut. To break the cycle this year we made a resolution to reduce our lunchtime waste. We decided to shed our plastic baggies and set out to investigate eco-friendly lunch containers. As a family, we learned a lot along the way and feel great about the choices we made for both the planet and our bodies.

Here are some tips that might be helpful as you start to navigate your green minded lunch-packing options.

The Food

When deciding which food-storage products are right for your family, the first thing to consider is the types of food you will be putting into your new reusable containers. When making choices about what to include in your child’s lunch, it is helpful to have a formula in the back of your mind. [Read more…]