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Vanessa Brown blogs over at I Never Grew Up. She has four little girls, two old dogs, and one dog training expert husband and is currently residing in Costa Rica.

How do you make educated parenting choices?

The following is by contributor Vanessa Brown of I Never Grew Up.

I am about to give birth to my fourth daughter, and I am realizing this time around that I have a completely different mindset on parenting. The processes I use to make educated parenting choices are quite different from when I was having my first and second child.

With my first two children, I remember being very stubborn, know-it-all, set in my ways, obsessive with research, and sometimes a bit too judgmental towards other parents. With the arrival of my fourth child, I feel much more relaxed, open, ready to learn, and more confident in myself and parenting choices.

Even though I fully realize I still don’t know entirely what I am doing and I don’t always know how to deal with these kids going in and out of new phases as they grow, I am always trying to keep up!

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