Thankful Turkey: A Kid’s Thanksgiving Craft

The following post is by contributor Vanessa Brown of I Never Grew Up.

A few days ago I spoke to over 100 kids about being grateful and it was harder than I thought! Their eyes quickly glazed over or the only thing that could come to their mind to be thankful of were video games and the list of holiday presents they were ready to receive.

So I had them close their eyes and I asked them more specific questions like, “What is your favorite smell out in nature?”

“Do you like a certain type of weather, how does it make you feel inside?”

What do you like to do with your Mom or Dad that make you feel really special? Aren’t you grateful that they do that with you?”

“Where is your favorite spot in your home, who is grateful for the wonderful home they have?”

Soon the kids started enjoying thinking of things they were grateful for and I realized that they just needed a little help to get the ball rolling. With my girls I have noticed when I do a fun craft, art project or recipe while we are sitting around and working on it they really open up and can understand more fully what being thankful means.

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Back to School Parties

The following is by contributor Vanessa Brown of I Never Grew Up.

I am trying to distract myself from the fact that in a couple of weeks my first child will be entering school. As soon as she enters those doors I will, without a doubt, break into some pretty embarrassing sobs and heaves.

I know that in order to not give my daughter a complex I need to get myself busy preparing for something that will show my excitement for her entering school.

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A Simple Tooth Brushing Routine for Kids

The following is by contributor Vanessa Brown of I Never Grew Up.

Understanding a bit about kid’s dental hygiene and establishing a good routine with your kids and teeth brushing really is setting yourself up for success.

From a Children’s Dentist Perspective

Recently I interviewed Dr. David M. Stewart of Little People’s Dental in South Jordan, Utah on establishing a good tooth brushing routine and here is what I learned:

  • Studies tell us that brushing twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste can decrease the risk of tooth decay. Flossing daily can decrease the risk of periodontal disease and dental decay in between teeth.
  • Children do not have the dexterity to brush and floss well until around seven to nine years of age. At least once a day a parent should lay a child back and brush and floss their teeth as perfectly as they can, and then allow the child to brush at least one other time of the day.
  • For a more detailed how to and video on this you can watch Dr. Stewart go over the routine here:
  • Until the child is older the parent should “dose” the toothpaste for the child. A rice grain amount until they are six years of age and a small pea sized amount of toothpaste after that.

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