Keeping cool on hot days: baby doll washing

washing baby dolls

Yesterday proved to be quite a wild weather day here in Indiana.  In the afternoon the temperatures soared into the 90s (though it felt even hotter) and by late evening we were listening to the wind howl and the rain pound our roof as storms rolled in.

Before the scorching temps and thunderstorms, however, the kids and I spent a happy morning outside, beating the heat with some cool water play (before the eventual humidity and roasting temps sent us indoors in the afternoon).

This summer I’ve noticed that my littlest girls still love one of their favorite Unplugged Play ideas from last year:  giving their baby dolls a bath.



For Amelia, at 22 months, it is all about playing in the bubbles but for Little Mama Lucy, newly five, this pretend play is fully embraced.   She loves playing with and nurturing her babies.

If your little one isn’t that excited about doll play, I bet giving cars a car wash or simple dumping and pouring with water would be fun – and cool.

We added some homemade popsicles and a bit of splashing in the kiddie pool, and we’re finding that we can enjoy time outdoors, even in the super hot weather.

Looking for more unplugged play ideas? Check out my ever-growing list here. What are some of your tips for staying cool with the kids in the Summertime?


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  1. My boys, 5 & 7, still love to give their toys a bath outside :)

  2. I need to do this! My daughter is 4 1/2 and she would be all about it. And I think my 2yo son would happily wash his dinosaurs and splash!
    Vanderbilt Wife´s latest post: What I Wore Wednesday 6.12.13

  3. Great idea. We like to have fun washing the cars. It sounds like work but enough bubbles makes anything fun! :)
    Sarah´s latest post: Dippin’ Dots Maker

  4. Ooh thanks for this idea! We don’t have dolls around the house but I like the idea of washing you card and trucks. I think I’ll do this with my son now that the weather is heating up. Just gotta put him in his swim trunks and I’m sure he’ll have a good time.


  1. […] some water play.  My littlest girls have been having fun washing their baby dolls and playing in dish soap bubbles in a plastic tub that I set out on the patio for them.  A place to splash and play is wonderful and will probably […]

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