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We’re kicking off the week on Simple Kids with a giveaway from one of my favorite companies, barley & birch. This company is the home of “unabashedly organic, planet-saving clothes” and won the 2010 Parent’s Choice Award for Best Organic Clothing.  I’m proud to be a barley & birch customer for those reasons.  My kids are proud to wear barley & birch because of the cute graphics which are bright, happy, and fun to wear.

Clothes that are comfortable, fun, and come with a  good conscience – who could ask for more?

Today I’m giving away a $100 gift certificate to barley & birch. I love this company and have fun dressing my kids in their clothing and I know that you will, too.

To learn more about barley & birch and how to win this gift certificate, keep reading.

Amelia, showing off her barley & birch tee

Founded in January 2009 by Kyle Smitley, barley & birch is in its third year of raising the bar for natural and organic clothing businesses.  Not only are barley & birch clothes for kids unique and world changing, they really are adorable.  My kids get compliments whenever we are out and about and they are sporting their tees and onesies.

I also appreciate that the clothing is not only ethically made, but that it is well made.  Our barley & birch gear holds up to life with small children.  Some of our tees are on their second kiddo and still look great and show just normal wash and wear.

In short, I love barley & birch, my kids love barley & birch, and I really think you are going to love the company, as well.

One Simple Kids reader will win a $100 gift certificate from barley & birch!

How to win

Everyone has two chances to win. Here’s how:

1. Comment on this post, answering this question: Who would you spend this gift certificate on?

2. For an extra entry, follow both Simple Kids and barley & birch  on Twitter, and tweet about this giveaway. Then come back here and leave me a comment letting me know.  Make sure you include both our Twitter handles and this post’s URL. Your tweet can be something like this:

Win a gift certificate from @barleyandbirch on @simplekids

This giveaway will end Tuesday, November 29 at 11:59 pm EST. I hope you win! We’ll announce the winners of all the holiday giveaways at the end of the week.

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  1. My 4 year old son!

  2. I’d love to to get my kids some of these cute clothes!

  3. I’d use it for our 4th child due at the end of march.

  4. Just tweeted and following both Simple Kids and barley & birch!

  5. If I was blessed enough to win, I would spend the certificate on clothes for my 3 kids and my 3 goddaughters as well.

  6. I would spend it on both of my boys!

  7. Sara Suastez says:

    I would spend this one on my daughter and our new little girl that we’ll be having soon! Especially the new little one because she will be getting a bunch of hand me downs from her big sister!

  8. I would spend it on my daughter and son. The T-shirts are great, especially the Poppies tee and the Chameleon tee!

  9. I would certainly be spending this gift certificate on my son (aka the turtle). He’s almost two and would look like an angel in these gorgeous clothes!
    Angie (TheActorsWife)´s latest post: let’s chat

  10. I would spend it on my four kids, of course :) Thanks for a great giveaway!

  11. For my two little boys.

  12. On my boys !

  13. I follow on twitter

  14. My two boys.

  15. I would use this gift certificate on my two little girls!

  16. My younger son would benefit from having something adorable of his own that big brother didn’t wear first.

  17. I would love to win this for my 1 yr old nephew and my 3 yr old niece
    thanks for awesome giveaway!

  18. I would use this gift certificate on my first child, due in early February. :)

  19. I would get my son some cute clothes. Little stinker is growing so fast he could use this gift certificate!

  20. My girls would love these clothes!!

  21. The t-shirts are adorable!
    Kinda Crunchy Kate´s latest post: Dreaming of a Green Christmas Giveaway Winners!

  22. Laura Lane says:

    My girlfriend’s daughter.

  23. My sweet daughter, Shiloh!

  24. i have two boys who would love those animal print shirts!

  25. I would probably spend it buying clothes for my older son, so he could hand them down to the baby and I could enjoy all the cuteness twice!

  26. Have two friends who just had babies, so this would be a great gift for them!

  27. I think I would use it on my new nephew due in February and also my 6 month old.

  28. I would buy something for each of my girls. They are 4 and almost 1.
    Tara @ Feels Like Home´s latest post: Our Christmas Traditions

  29. I would get some clothes for my daughter and my baby boy that will be here in a few weeks.

  30. I would spend it on my daughters!!!

  31. Maggie Horn says:

    I would love to get some of these adorable clothes for my one-year-old son, my baby due in May and our Angel Tree child if they would arrive in time!

  32. My 3 kids of course! I have several neices and nephews that I could get stuff for as well, but I’d probably spend it all on my own kids. :)

  33. my 2 boys who are hard on their clothes!

  34. my third child, eight month old Erin. she hardly has any new clothes of her own!

  35. De Arn Foley says:

    My girls are always overjoyed to get new clothes, they seem to grow so fast, and constant hand-me-downs can become tiresome. Thanks ofr your generosity!

  36. I would spend it on clothes for my 3 1/3 year old! She needs some new clothes and my 1 1/2 year old will enjoy the hand me downs too!
    Pamela´s latest post: imperfect

  37. I tweeted and follow both on twitter! @mommy_stories
    Pamela´s latest post: imperfect

  38. My sister, she is having a baby girl (her 1st daughter) at the end of December.

  39. retweeted

  40. Jessica R. says:

    Adorable clothes…I would spend this on my sweetest soon to be 4 year old daughter and her plump baby cousin. What a treat!

  41. Expecting #2 in January but I would probably split between both kiddos.

  42. For my sweet kids.

  43. I would love to get all 3 of my kids some new duds with this!

  44. I would spend it on my two wonderful boys.

  45. I would use this gift certificate for my 8-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter. Thanks!

  46. I’d spend my gift certificate on my two little guys. My four and two year boys.

  47. I would use the certificate partially on my kiddos (20 month old and almost 4 year old) and the rest would be used for gifts. The first gifts would go to my best friend who is pregnant with her first due on Leap Day (February 29, 2012)!

  48. Any of my 5 super kiddos – ages 5, 4, 4, 2, and 1!

  49. We are adopting a little babe from the congo. We are praying she’ll join our family in early spring, and this is just who I would spend this lovely gift certificate on. :)
    erin´s latest post: thankfulness | catching up

  50. I’d spend this on my new little arrival who decided to join us 5 and 1/2 weeks early. He’s technically still supposed to be in the cooker! And of course his big brother who is 21 months old. I’d also like to purchase something for a good friend who had her first baby girl over the weekend.