Block Party Giveaway: Little Acorn Learning

Welcome to the Simple Living Media Summer Block Party! We’ve got 20 giveaways across the entire network this week to give you plenty of chances to win!

This giveaway is now closed.  Thank you for entering!  The winner will be announced July 4.

So, neighbors, are you having a good time at the party so far? Well, stick around because we’ve got more great stuff planned for you!

Little Acorn Learning

I’m  happy to introduce today’s Block Party giveaway sponsor – Little Acorn Learning.  Those who read my personal blog know that my family loves Little Acorn!  We’ve been using their monthly guides for a few years now and they have enriched our days.

Little Acorn Learning is a resource for monthly nature-based guides for childcare providers and parents.

Eileen Straiton, a mother of four, writes the guides and runs the Little Acorn Playgarden from her home.   In addition, Eileen writes a wonderful  blog where you can see the guides “in action” at her home childcare.

The plans are all written out for you – all you have to do is pick and choose the activities you want to incorporate into your days and then follow along with the guide.

The monthly themes contain circle time ideas,  crafts, book recommendations, story time prop ideas, blackboard drawing ideas, recipes, stories, fingerplays, and more.

Eileen even provides lists of the supplies you’ll need to help you prepare for each week.

The Daily Guide gives caregivers a sample daily rhythm intended to be used along with the monthly theme.  This guide takes you through:

Morning Blessing

Circle Time

Morning Talk

Weekly Story with Puppet & Prop Ideas

Daily Activity

Nature Walk

Outdoor Play


Rest Time

Evening Routines

Bedtime Story and Blessing

The Giveaway

One lucky Simple Kids reader will win:

  • a copy of the Daily Guide
  • a copy of the September Five Day Childcare program (pdf file, 61 pages)
  • a selection of picture books to go along with the guide’s suggested reading lists :

Berries, Nuts, and Seeds by Diane Burns  (week 1)
The Family Book by Todd Parr (week 2)
Plants, Moons, and Stars by Laura Evert  (week 3)
Trees, Leaves, and Bark by Diane Burns (week 4)
How Do Apples Grow? by Betsy Maestro (week 5)

How to Win

Everyone has three chances to win. Choose one or all three!

1. Comment on this post, and answer this question: What is your favorite part of your day with your child?

2. Subscribe to the Little Acorn Learning blog. Be sure to come back here to Simple Kids and leave a separate comment letting me know you’re subscribed.

3. Subscribe to Simple Kids by email or in your feed reader. Leave a separate comment letting me know you’re subscribed.

This giveaway will end at 11:59pm EST July 1, 2010 and is open to commenters 18 years or older. We’ll use to choose winners on July 4th! I hope you win! This giveaway is now closed.

About Kara

Kara Fleck is the editor of Simple Kids. She is a small town mama, writer, knitter, bookworm, and hooligan. Kara lives in Indiana with her husband Christopher and their four children Jillian, Max, Lucy, and Amelia. You can find more of her writing at

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  1. I’m an email subscriber!

  2. breastfeeding cuddles are the best part of our day!

  3. My favorite time of day is when we are home together with no where to be and we can just enjoy ourselves!

  4. I subscribe via google reader

  5. My favorite part of our day is craft-time in the late mornings–everyone needs some time to settle down, no one’s hungry yet and the sun is usually streaming onto the kitchen table inspiring us!

  6. My favorite time of the day is our “garden” time after dinner…we go out to my tiny square foot garden and check on the plants and herbs, my son helps me water and pick weeds, and we look for “creatures”-lately, we have had a frog come to visit almost every night!
    .-= Heather´s last blog ..Motivation Monday 5 Modern products to help you go Green =-.

  7. I subscribed to Little Acorn via Google Reader
    .-= Heather´s last blog ..Motivation Monday 5 Modern products to help you go Green =-.

  8. I already look forward to reading Simple Kids through my Google Reader!
    .-= Heather´s last blog ..Motivation Monday 5 Modern products to help you go Green =-.

  9. opening the door and seeing that smile and getting that hug!

  10. Bedtime. For several reasons. One, many days I am exhausted! But I love their time in the bath, the fresh clean child after the bath, and we have a nice time sitting together and reading books afterwards. Second to that would be in the car, where we are all together and there are few other distractions and I get asked the greatest questions!

  11. Added a subscription to via my Google Reader.

  12. I am already subscribed via my Google Reader to Simple Kids!

  13. My favorite time with my daughter is before nap and bedtime when we read, sing and pray together.
    .-= Janna @ The Adventure of Motherhood´s last blog ..She Enjoys Being a Girl =-.

  14. I subscribe via email.
    .-= Janna @ The Adventure of Motherhood´s last blog ..She Enjoys Being a Girl =-.

  15. I subscribed to Little Acorn Learning.
    .-= Janna @ The Adventure of Motherhood´s last blog ..She Enjoys Being a Girl =-.

  16. the favorite part of my day with my kiddos is right after lunch when we have “quiet time”. we get comfy on the couch or outside in the hammock (depending on the weather) and dig into a small portion of God’s word. after that, we talk about what we read and then read a chapter out of the current chapter book we are reading or a short picture book of some kind. after this, naptime. . .this is probably the most consistant thing that we do every day. love the time to wind down with them.

  17. I love sitting on the couch and reading to my son, especially because i know he loves it too.

  18. kathleen says:

    When they wake up from nap. Everyone is happy and we sit together watch slits tv. And everyone is happy!

  19. Danielle K says:

    My favorites parts of the day are reading together (which is multiple times per day) and spending time outside on walks, bike rides, water table, hikes… we love outdoors!

  20. My favorite part of the day is bedtime, when we curl up and read stories together. It never lasts as long as I would like, but I love it!

  21. I subscribe via email.

  22. Anything that makes them laugh.. I love hearing my kids giggle and laugh!! :o)

  23. I subscribed to the Little Acorn Learning Blog!!! Can’t wait to read it!! Sounds like so much fun!

  24. I subscribed to Simple Kids by email! Thanks!

  25. My favorite part about my day with my children is that I have my days with my children. I feel so fortunate that I get to wake up every day with my two lovely children and spend most every moment throughout the day with them and then tuck them in for a good night’s rest so we can start all over! I can’t imagine my days any other way!
    p.s. I just bought Little Acorn Learnings’s math e-book. It’s my first purchase from them and I can’t wait to use it and order more of their curriculum! ~Laura

  26. Mornings when my youngest is taking a nap is the best time I spend with my oldest. We bake together or do crafts. Sometimes he helps me with my chores and sometimes we just sit and play together. It’s just a nice quiet time to connect without interuptions from the little one.

  27. Depends on the kid. For my son, the best time of day is right after we finish school. He’s full of hugs and snuggles and then he goes off to do some independent play. He loves it and so do I.

    For my daughter, right before she’s ready for any sleep. When you pick her up, she snuggles right into you and sort of snuffles to let you know she’s really ready for some sleep now, please.

  28. Subscribe to RSS feed via Google Reader

  29. Signed up for the E-mail program

  30. My favorite time is bedtime..we always snuggle and read books that my daughter has already memorized the words to.

  31. I subscribe through email

  32. I love morning and evening cuddles and anytime I can say yes.

  33. happy subscriber

  34. I love the sweet time when my girls are just waking up in the morning.

  35. Subscribed to Little Acorn blog.

  36. The favorite part of my day with my son are our “morning talks” in bed together when we have all woken up and snuggle together.

  37. Gabrielle says:

    Even if it is sometimes not “easy” to get her all cleaned up, I love bath time with my daughter. Unlike much of the rest of the day, her bath is one time that I don’t divide my attention ever. She can play and imagine and I can listen and learn.

  38. My favorite time of day with my oldest boy is at the end of his rest time (while little brother is still sleeping) and he’s so excited for Mommy time–where we pick an activity to do together just the two of us! And, my favorite time of the day with my youngest is reading to him at bed time when he cuddles up in my lap and we soak up our time together too!

  39. foxbrooken says:

    My favorite times are being outside with our children and crafting w/ them.

  40. foxbrooken says:

    Subscribed here.:)

  41. foxbrooken says:

    Little Acorn subscriber now too.

  42. Snuggles…first thing in the morning & at bedtime! My FAVORITE! 🙂
    .-= brookiej´s last blog ..welcome to america =-.

  43. I love reading time, when I get to snuggle with my sweeties and read to them favorite classics.

  44. I subscribed to Little Acorn’s blog
    .-= brookiej´s last blog ..welcome to america =-.

  45. I subscribed to Little Acorn.
    .-= Christine´s last blog ..Move over PitocinPomegranate Extract Stimulates Contractions- =-.

  46. I’m an email subscriber to simple kids!
    .-= brookiej´s last blog ..welcome to america =-.

  47. I am subscribed to Simple Kids via e-mail.
    .-= Christine´s last blog ..Move over PitocinPomegranate Extract Stimulates Contractions- =-.

  48. Danielle says:

    Today my favorite time was breakfast – we talked about our plans for the day. My soon to be first grader has been writing down the plan for each day on the chalkboard side of our art easel as well.

  49. Danielle says:

    I subscribe!

  50. michelle baker says:

    My fav. part of the day, is play time with my little boy!