Building a bird feeder and more Earth Day activities from PBS Kids


Please note we were given a screener of Curious George Swings into Spring to review and some of the materials for the Earth Day crafts from PBS Kids.  I was not paid for this post and all opinions expressed are my own.  Thanks!

To celebrate Earth Day, which is today, April 22, PBS Kids is premiering Curious George Swings into Spring.  You can watch a preview here on the PBS Kids YouTube channel.  We were given a screener to review in advance and my kids loved it.  Check your local listings for air times.

PBS Kids also has some fun activities to go along with the special and help put you and your kids in an Earth Day frame of mind.  At our house we’ve been crafting up a week long celebration of Earth Day fun, starting this bird house we made yesterday using chopsticks and a 2 liter bottle we snagged from the recycling bin.

This was an easy craft to do, with a bit of adult supervision and help, and the kids have been eagerly stalking the window hoping to catch sight of our first feathered visitors.



Find instructions to make your own bird feeder from a recycled bottle here:  “Let’s Build a Bird Feeder” instructions .

Looking for more ideas?  Check out these links from PBS Kids:

Today we’re making the pinwheels, putting our own spin on the craft by using kite paper.  We can’t wait! I’ll let you all know how it turns out.

How have you and your kids been celebrating Earth Day?  We’d love to hear!  Leave us a comment and be sure to share any links if you’ve blogged about your Earth Day fun.

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  1. That’s cute. We haven’t had a bird feeder in a long time, but the last time we did, some of the millet sprouted from the birds scattering it. We currently have swallows nesting under the eaves, which is fun for the kids to see, plus they help control the wasps.
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  2. Hello Kara, you’re write up about bottle bird feeder is truly nice. I’ve enjoyed reading. I do
    also created a bird feeder and it’s kinda big one and a lot of birds can now feed from it at a time.