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Welcome to this week’s Did You Know? A series about interesting things.

In this series the kids and I explore all kinds of topics that interest us and share with all of you a few of the fun facts and ideas that we are learning.

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This week’s Did You Know? is all about bubbles. 

Light and airy, delicate, bouncy, full of rainbows, fun in bathtubs and backyards, bubbles are a childhood favorite!

Did you know? All about Bubbles | SimpleKids.net

Did you know?

We have been learning about bubbles and the fun you can have with them. Did you know …

that you can make your own bubbles and then experiment with paper cones, rubber bands, and string and it becomes an artistic experience? In this post from the SimpleKids.net archives, Rae Grant shows you how.

that this mama of four has found them to be a terrific parenting tool?

  • we’ve used bubbles in the bathtub to encourage a reluctant or nervous bather
  • those small bottles of bubbles at weddings are life savers when entertaining kids who have to wait (I’ve been known to keep a small bottle of bubbles in a sealed ziplock back in my purse or diaper bag for this very reason)
  • bubble chasing in the backyard encourages exercise and helps get the sillies out (plus, it’s just FUN!)
  • blowing bubbles can help calm down an upset kiddo (or mama) because you need slow, deep breathes to help make the best bubbles

Super bubble

that bubbles are a summertime staple, but you can have fun with them in the winter, too? It is a neat, frozen, fun experiment. (resource)

that a kiddie pool + a squirt of dish soap or baby shampoo = AWESOME?

that we have found the best bubble wands to be the long oval shaped wands (as opposed to the circles)? What has your experience with this been? Trying to find the best bubble wand shape could be a fun backyard experiment.

that you can make your own bubble wands? Head to Kleas to find out how. This would make a neat project for an older kid with a grownups help and would be a sweet gift for any summer birthdays.

that we have had good luck finding interesting shaped bubble wands and bottles in the party supply section of our local big box store?


that bubbles are a neat way to introduce kids to the science of physics and chemistry? Bubbles teach about surface tension, color, shape, and more. (resource)

that there are lots of theories about which is the BEST homemade bubble solution? We are looking forward to putting some different recipes to the test this summer. (like this round up of recipes from Apartment Therapy)

that my friend Stephanie of Adventures in Babywearing shared this genius idea for a backyard bubble refill station a few years ago and our family has been refilling our bubble bottles this way ever since? Thanks, Stephanie! And thank you Pinterest!

Are you interested in learning more about more about bubbles?  There’s a fun book about the science of bubbles that you can check out here or at your local library.


Have you and your kids had some bubble related fun lately? Do you ever use bubbles as a parenting tool?  Have a favorite homemade bubble recipe or DIY bubble wand tutorial? We’d love to hear all about it in the comments below!

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