Weekend giveaway: Bummis Organic Cotton Cloth Diaper Kit


Hooray!  I’ve got a great giveaway today for those of you who are looking to start cloth diapering, or to get back onto the cloth diapering fluffy bottomed bandwagon.

This giveaway is now closed and the winner has been notified.  Thanks!

Our sponsor Bummis has been making cloth diapers since 1988.  I’m partial to their Super Snap covers on my cloth diapered kiddos myself and we also use their wetbags and prefolds.

web graphic sun line

Did you know that they also have a new Sun Line?  Yes, the Sun Line was recently released and it includes a cap, tee, tankini, and a swimmi diaper for your little one.  As they say, they’ve got your baby covered for fun in the sun “from the bottom up!”


The Giveaway

Bummis is giving one Simple Kids reader an Organic Cotton Cloth Diaper Kit (valued at $184).  This kit is a “cloth diapering stash in a box.  Everything you need to start cloth diapering now!”

The winner can choose between the Infant Kit and the Baby Kit:

Infant Kit (8-15 lbs)

Baby Kit (15-30 lbs)

To Enter

To enter, simply leave a comment on this post Good luck!

The Fine Print: this giveaway is open to resident of the US and Canada only. This giveaway will end at midnight EST Sunday March 10, 2013.

About Kara

Kara Fleck is the editor of Simple Kids. She is a small town mama, writer, knitter, bookworm, and hooligan. Kara lives in Indiana with her husband Christopher and their four children Jillian, Max, Lucy, and Amelia. You can find more of her writing at KElizabethFleck.com.

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  1. My daughter cloth diapers her two girls. I would love to win this for her!
    Southern Gal´s latest post: Friday’s Letters

  2. What a wonderful giveaway! Thanks. :)

  3. This would be uh a blessing!!

  4. Swoon!

  5. I would love to try those out!

  6. Lorraine says:

    I have two little girls in cloth diapers now. Would love to try this kind!

  7. Jennifer says:

    What a great kit!

  8. Expecting the beginning of April…would love these for my new little one!! :)

  9. Sara Williams says:

    My daughter is using cloth for her 5 month old son. I would love to win these for her!

  10. Tiffany says:

    My baby’s bum would thank you kindly for this! The kit looks awesome.

  11. Kristen says:

    I love cloth diapering! I haven’t had the opportunity to try Bummis yet and would love to – love that they are organic cotton. Thanks for the chance to win!

  12. Anne Marie says:

    Oohh my. What a great giveaway. Thank you for the chance!

  13. Debbie Dionne says:

    I would love to win this for my new grandbaby to be. My daughter-in -law and son would be so thrilled. Thank you for the opportunity to be able to win such a great gift!

  14. Laura Smith says:

    I’m expecting my third and am thinking about trying cloth diapering – this kit would be a great way to start!

  15. I would love to win this for my newest grandson arriving in a few months! Thank you for the opportunity!

  16. Ellen Mac says:

    Wow! This would be lovely!!!

  17. We used Bummis on our two oldest boys. We are now expecting our third in May and would love to have some new cloth diapers for him. Thanks :)

  18. What a great giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity!
    Pamela´s latest post: {This Moment}

  19. Rachel Farmer says:

    What an awesome giveaway! I took some “me time” and stopped cloth diapering when I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia last year. Now, I’m trying to get back on the wagon and this would be a great way to ease back into it!

  20. We’re trying for our third and I plan to cloth diaper. For the first time!

  21. This would be great for baby #2 due June 1st!

  22. nicole kelly says:

    I am so excited to see this offer and giveaway! I am hoping to diaper our third, wee one. I feel very organic in my life, minus the the diapering front. I want to be fully organic and do this for my family and I . I would love to try your product!

  23. Robyn Peterson says:

    Sounds fantastic! Would love to try these with my 11 month old!

  24. I’d love to win this. I have a 18 month old in diapers and a new baby due in the next month, so we could put it to good use!

  25. Melissa Webb says:

    I JUST ordered some more bummis prefolds two days ago. Not sure I ordered enough though. This would be great to win!

  26. We love cloth diapering! Great for the kids and the environment.

  27. This would be great to win! I have two little boys in cloth now and could use more diapers for when the baby grows out of his newborn sizes.

  28. Breezie says:

    Very fun giveaway!

  29. Heather Burris says:

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  30. great giveaway!

  31. Jessica Phillips says:

    Fabulous giveaway! I finally started cloth with kids #3 & #4 and it has saved our family so much money over the last four years. I think everyone should give cloth some consideration. Choosing is the hardest part so this kit is a great place to start!

  32. Lorisha says:

    Yay for a cloth diaper give-away!!
    This will really be a blessing to someone. :)

  33. Wow! What a great giveaway! Love cloth diapering!!!

  34. Charity says:

    I cloth diapered my first child after the first few months and hope to do it from the start with the second child due in June. My experience has been very positive.

  35. Thanks for the giveaway, I would soooo love to win this! :))))

  36. Kristie says:

    Expecting our 3rd soon and this would be a great help!

  37. These look great!

  38. love it! currently pregnant with my 2nd and would LOVE to try cloth diapers for this little bundle! :)

  39. Thanks for hosting this giveaway! With baby number 3 on the way, we’d love to win more diapers :-)

  40. Colleen says:

    Baby number three is arriving in July and I would love to try pre folds. After number two I gave away my diaper stash, so is would make it easier.

  41. ooooh I would love to win this for my cloth-diapered twins! we could definitely use more diapers

  42. I’d love to win. Thanks for the giveaway!

  43. I’ve heard great things about these diapers and would love to give them a try! What an awesome giveaway!

  44. Oh my! I do love a fluffy-bottomed baby!

  45. Melanie Minos says:

    Oh my! I would love to win this giveaway. And I really love that you’ve included Canadians as possible winners!

  46. Rose Bellini says:

    Would love to win this for my new baby boy!

  47. Pamela Lawrence says:

    This would be fantastic! We are due on Sunday!!! We used cloth diapers with my son beginning about 5months. We used the Bum Genius organic all in one, but I suppose I did not wash them to code since they have all (16 of them) been used to shreds. The buttons have come off, the fabric unstitched, and tons of staining (need to soak in the sun once we get any!) So… for the new baby… these would be perfect!! We can start right from the beginning! Thanks for the giveaway and good luck all!

  48. I’ve got 2 littles in cloth, and would love to try these, thanks for the chance!

  49. Count me in! We just had our third little one!

  50. My friend is on her fourth little one. She has a few cloth diapers, but they are from the first child and not much. This would be great incentive to get her back into it! With two in diapers, this would be especially helpful.
    Thank you for the opportunity to help!
    Nice products, and oh so important!