We tried it: Free Birds Hand Turkey (and a giveaway)


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Last night, after the dinner dishes were done but before it was time for pajamas and stories, the kids and I were feeling a little crafty.  Sometimes you just have to make something, right?  But, before bedtime isn’t the best time for big messy crafts, so we needed something simple.

Fall is is one of our favorite seasons, in part because the cooler weather gives us more time at the craft table, and in part because of the holidays.  In fact, don’t tell the Free Birds, a movie we’re looking forward to seeing this weekend (it opens in theaters this Friday, November 1st) but one of the reasons we love this time of year is for Thanksgiving and the turkey.


The creators of Free Birds have a fun how-to video for drawing a Hand Turkey, which was the perfect project for our crafty mood.  You can watch the video, featuring Amy Poehler who voices Jenny in Free Birds, here:

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Simple (and Frugal) Fun: Dressing Up a Duct Tape Knight


The following post originally appeared in 2010.  I’m republishing it today with a few updates.  Note: there are affiliate links in this post. Thanks!

If you are a regular reader of my other blog, then you have probably noticed that one of my family’s favorite crafting materials  is duct tape.  We love creating with this sturdy, sticky, colorful tape.


Duct Tape Knight

We were inspired by one of my daughter’s favorite reads, Igraine the Brave and a booklet from CurrClick, The Shield and Buckler booklet.  Our own “Igraine” and her little brother, Sir Max the Bold, were in need of some knightly attire.

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We tried it: Marker “Tie Dye”


When Jillian and I attended Crafting Community a few weeks ago, one of the crafts that we fell in love with was marker tie dye.



Isn’t that fun?  Of course we wanted to share this craft idea with Max and Lucy once we returned home.

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Families, Creativity, and Design: Crafting Community.

Wild Things at Crafting Community 2013

I attended Crafting Community as part of my involvement with the Target Inner Circle Thank you, Target!

Last week my oldest daughter Jillian and I spent the weekend in gorgeous Palm Springs, California attending Crafting Community.  To say this was a special time for us would be an understatement.  Magical might be a touch more accurate.

We needed this mother-daughter trip together, and beyond that, my child was in her element creating, crafting, and surrounded by inspiration.   As her mom, that was pretty wonderful to get to experience with her.

Crafting Community founder, LA based artist Karen Kimmel, believes esthetics and design are not lost on children. Kids love beautiful things and in fact, beauty helps engage them.  Hmmm, that almost sounds like someone else I know …

With that in mind, Karen works tirelessly to create workshops that will inspire and engage guests of all ages.  I think you’ll agree with me that the end result is pretty wonderful.

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What would you and your kids ask Todd Oldham of Kid Made Modern?


Last week I shared the news that Jillian and I get to go to Crafting Community next month.  Seriously, could the timing of this be any more perfect for my daughter and I?  This mother and daughter duo could really use a trip full of quality time together, just the two of us, and we’re both so excited about the opportunity!

As if the whole Crafting Community experience isn’t going to be wonderful enough, Todd Oldham will be there teaching a workshop around his Kid Made Modern line of art supplies and activity kits for Target.

And, guess who gets to have a little bit of time with him for an interview?  That’s right:  Jillian and I get to bend Todd’s ear and ask him some questions.

You already know that the never-ending crafts table in my family’s former formal dining room is proof that the last time I got to ask Todd some questions it was a life changing, home re-arranging event.

I’m having another pinch me moment about the prospect of getting to spend some time with him  and attending his workshop during Crafting Community  – and that Jillian gets to do this with me?  Amazing!  (Thank you, Target!)

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