We’re going to Crafting Community!

CC 2013 1

My oldest daughter Jillian and I are super excited to share that we are going to Crafting Community next month!  We were invited as part of my involvement with the Target Inner Circle and I’ve been having that “pinch me, this can’t be real” moment almost daily since we heard about the conference. We can’t wait!

About Crafting Community:

This October 4 – 6, the Fourth Annual Crafting Community will return to the Ace Hotel & Swim Club in Palm Springs.

Crafting Community is a unique chance for families to engage each other, and other like minded families, in a positive environment filled with laughter, imagination and plain old fun.

Founder, LA based artist Karen Kimmel, believes esthetics and design are not lost on children. They love beautiful things and in fact, beauty helps engage them.  Hmmm, that almost sounds like someone else I know …

With that in mind, Karen works tirelessly to create workshops that will inspire guests of all ages.  I think you’ll agree with me that it all sounds pretty wonderful.

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Time to Create: an interview with author Christie Burnett

Time to Create blog tour

Note:  I was given a copy of this book to review and there are some affiliate links in this post. Thanks!

Hooray!  Simple Kids is participating in an international party!  Fancy, right? The reason for the celebration?  The launch of Time to Create: Hands On Explorations in Process Art for Young Children by Christie Burnett.

The kids and I have received a review copy and the resident artists, ages almost two to eleven, have been flipping through the pages with me marking projects to try and discussing ideas for our never-ending crafting table and art supplies.

This bright, colorful book is full of pictures showing the projects, of course, but it also has some thoughtful and well written pieces about:

  • what process art is
  • why giving children time to create is important
  • practical ways to give children opportunities to create on a daily basis

Christie Burnett, the author and founder of the popular blog Childhood 101, presents a variety of artistic mediums from drawing to print making to collage to textiles.  There”s also digital photography and exploring art with natural materials.

I had a chance to ask Christie some questions about the book and her book writing process.  Read on to see what she said …

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The Friday Five: 5 Reasons to love the never-ending crafts table


Note: this post contains affiliate links.
Last winter, thanks to an opportunity as part of the Target Inner Circle, I was able to ask Todd Oldham some questions about kids, creativity, and his own childhood.  It turned out to be an experience that made a lasting impression on me and changed the way we do some things at our house.

One of the things that resonated with me was Todd’s mention of his family’s crafts table growing up and how he felt it nurtured his creative spark:

“I am forever grateful to my parents for facilitating our creativity as kids.  We had a massive craft table that was always out where we all spent our time creating and sharing with each other.  I realized how cool it was of mom and dad to allow us this endlessly chaotic and messy workstation in the middle of our living room without ever trying to tame it.  I learned so much at that table. I know it can be a real eyesore but if you can bear it or find a less obvious place for it, the never-ending craft table is a terrific idea.”

The idea of a space our kids could access all the time, a launching pad for their creative projects – one that didn’t have to be cleaned up or put away?  That idea really spoke to me.

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Stained glass inspired art project


The calendar says that it is Spring, but the view outside my window tells a much different story.  It looks like winter had one more good-bye for us, after all.

The prospect of (yet another) winter storm when the kids and I are craving spring flowers and sunshine was as good of an excuse as any for a super colorful art project.

I have been wanting to try this stained glass inspired art I’ve seen all over Pinterest (I had a bit of trouble tracking down the original source, but I finally did!  You can see the original post here at the 2Me4Art blog – isn’t Sophie’s piece just lovely? Note in the comments that her project is NOT on wax paper, as so many Pinterest pins suggest, but regular old craft paper.)

I decided we would give faux stained glass art a try and put our own glittery spin on it.

So, on Sunday afternoon when the toddler was asleep, I brought the Sharpie markers and craft paper to the craft table and invited the kids to help me create some “faux” stained glass art for our kitchen door.

It might be snowing again, but that doesn’t mean I have to look at it, ha ha ha!  Here’s to controlling the view, friends!

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Saying “yes” anyway


I hope you had a wonderful weekend, friends.  We had kind of a long and busy one, which are never my favorite.  So, it came to be that on an afternoon where Daddy and Max were out for their “dude date” father/son time and Jillian was reading in her room and the toddler was asleep, that Lucy and I found ourselves with some precious alone time on our hands (a rarity at our house).

The first thing Lucy asked was if we could do crafts.   I’ll admit, my heart sank a little.  Sunday is supposed to be my day “off” after all (if mothers get such a thing) and while normally I love to do crafts and get messy, I was grouchy after the long weekend and I just wasn’t in the mood for clean up or being inconvenienced.

But I said yes anyway.

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