The Friday Five: Max’s Seventh Birthday

Max turns seven!

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Yesterday, my son Max celebrated his seventh trip around the sun.  So, I’d like to dedicate today’s Friday Five to my son Max, to seventh birthdays, and to celebrating the kids we love.

Today’s Friday Five is all about Max and his seventh birthday:


You are my one and only son and I love you so very much, wild thing.  I know that you put up with a lot being the only son in a house full of girls, but it is safe to say that you are totally adored by your sisters.  Well, most of the time.

Once upon a time you were the biggest baby in the NICU (at nine pounds, fifteen ounces) and sometimes when I think about how far we’ve come together, I feel both humbled and proud at the same time.  Being your mama is a pretty amazing thing and I’m so happy you picked me!

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Lucy turns five and the country mice visit the city {Want, Need, Wear, Read}

LucyFIVE 006

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Sunday was a pretty exciting day at our house.  While I was celebrating being a mother, our family was also celebrating one of the very special people in our house because it was Lucy”s fifth birthday!

Lucy is one of my quieter children (though she has her moments of zaniness and wild behavior) and birthday parties aren”t really her thing.  Her introverted mother can certainly relate to that.

After some discussion, Lucy and I decided that we”d most like to spend our day swimming and being pampered and visiting one of her favorite places – the “big city.”

Yes, there”s a bit of irony in the country family “escaping” to the city.  It was very city mouse/country mouse of us, don”t you think?

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Those Amazing Ordinary Moments


The following was originally published in May 2010.  I have revised it a bit and added some new photos to share with you this Mother’s Day weekend.  I hope you enjoy it.  Best wishes, Kara

I love taking pictures of my kids.  I may not be the best photographer, or have fancy camera equipment, but every holiday, birthday, and special occasion will find me enthusiastically snapping pictures and coaxing smiles from my family.

Mother’s Day is this weekend and I will, of course, be bringing my camera along to document the day.  However, this year I want to take a different approach when looking through the lens of my camera: I want to focus on the ordinary.

What will I want to have a memory of years from now?  What seemingly ordinary moments and things will be precious to myself and to my children in the future?

KaraKids2010How much has changed since 2010. Wow.

Moments to Capture this Mother’s Day

The Faces

Because we don’t get together too often, I have a tendency try to squeeze every family member I can into large group photos. I do this because I want a record of us all together.

But afterward, I find myself staring a stack of group shots that I’m disappointed in because someone’s eyes were closed or somebody was looking away.

This  year I want to forgo the group shots and focus more on faces and individuals. [Read more…]

Gifts of Love to Give All Year


Written by contributor Amanda Morgan of Not Just Cute.

Valentine’s Day is upon us, and the web is abuzz with all kinds of brilliant ideas for making the day special for your kids.  You can write them secret love letters requiring spy-grade decoder wheels to translate.  You can send them on a sweet and simple scavanger hunt for a fun surprise.  And you can make a special V-Day breakfast that’s as simple or complex as you like.   All of these are spectacular ideas, and I plan on putting a few of them to work in my own house this week.

But while these celebrations are fun and important, they aren’t nearly as important as the gifts of love we can give our children all year long.  Here are just a few of the most important gifts we can give every day. [Read more…]

Pink smoothies for my Valentines


Written by Kara Fleck, Simple Kids editor and Rockin’ Granola mama.

I‘m one of those mushy folks who loves Valentine’s day and all of the silliness and sweetness that go along with it. Actually, I tend to enjoy silly and sweet all year long, but especially in the name of love.

During the month of February I like to decorate with hearts and pinks and reds and lots of X’s and O’s.  My Valentiney silliness spills over into the kitchen, too, where I cannot help but spoil my sweets with sweets.

Yesterday was a rainy day and kind of dreary.  We needed a little treat to add some sunshine to the day.  So, I made pink smoothies for my Valentines.  Lucy, my four year old, was my sidekick in the kitchen (as she usually is).

While a food photographer I am not, I thought I’d share what Lucy and I whipped up so you and your Valentines can enjoy a sweet treat, too.

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