The family budget – July 2015 | The Family Budget

In this series I share our family budget, which includes the care and keeping for our household of seven (4 kids, 3 adults) as well as our debt free journey. This is what is working for us. Your mileage may vary.

I shared last budget update that we have travel coming up later in the summer so right now we’re keeping things extra simple and frugal, or what Christopher and I jokingly call “peanut butter and jelly” weeks, our take on Dave Ramsey’s “red beans and rice” budget saying.

The trip itself is paid for, but Christopher and I would like to have some extra money set aside, in addition to the kids’ normal allowance (which we’ve been encouraging them to save for the vacation).

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Creating Simple Elements for Backyard Fun: Our Wist List

a blank slate and our backyard 2015 wish list |

Once upon a time, Christopher, Jillian, and I moved here to our home and planted a little garden and a few trees. Not knowing exactly what we were doing, and perhaps too excited about our finally having our OWN place, instead of taking the time to slow down and research things, we just plunked things wherever we felt like it. A tree here, a garden there, a play area for our toddler over here.

Flash forward to 2015: our household of three is now a household of seven, including four kids ages 3 to 13 and a special needs adult, and we own a dog. Between the parents who would really love a thriving garden and a backyard oasis and the kiddos and doggie who would love a wonderful place to play, our backyard should be the place to be.

However, it hasn’t exactly worked out that way.  All these years later, and we still have a pretty blank canvas out there. And those plunked down trees grew just tall enough so that now our small garden is in the shade most of the day. The little play area that was perfect for one child long ago doesn’t really work as well for us now.

So, what is a family to do? Well, we’re getting back to our roots and I’m reminding myself of an older post from the archives about the simple elements of backyard fun and how to how them even when you don’t have a backyard.

We do have a backyard today, but do we have all of those elements at our home? No, we don’t. But they are certainly on our wish list.

So, how are we doing to make a 2011 blog post turn into a Summer 2015 reality?

One step at a time …

Note: this blog post is going to be a little different than the ones I usually write. I’m listing our goals here, the BEFORE, as of May 15, 2015 and then, in real time, I’ll be updating with our projects and the AFTER. I’ll be sure to let you know about each update as we work our way through completing our Backyard 2015 wish list with some simple elements for fun.

(Totally crossing my fingers that this is going to turn out as neat as I think it will, ha ha!)

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Knitting for kids: Bonbon Bunny, Tube Socks, and Wash Cloths

knitting for kids: tube socks |

It might be spring and the weather warmer, but this mama’s knitting needles are still busy and my works-in-progress basket is as full as ever, even if I’m not making mittens and hats and scarves for snowy days.

I don’t have any recently completed kid projects, but I’ve got a few works in progress to share with you.

BonBon Bunny

This little bunny was all over Instagram a few months ago and I purchased the yarn from Gnome Acres fully intending to make a bunny or two for my littlest girls for Easter. But, that didn’t happen (thanks for nothing, three week flu of March 2015).

However, this little bunny is SO cute and I know will be appreciated no matter when I finish knitting, so I cast it on this week and maybe, but not really pressuring myself to get it done, it will be part of Lucy’s seventh birthday gifts in a few weeks.

Bonbon was designed by Susan Claudino and the yarn I’m using is Squishy Gnome worsted in the Little Bunny Foo Foo colorway from Gnome Acres.

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