Keepin’ it real: a tour of my home.

Keepin' It REAL Home Tour |

For those of you who are new to Simple Kids, welcome! I’m Kara and I live in a small town in central Indiana with my husband Christopher, my sister-in-law Angela (who is a special needs adult), four kids ages 3, 6, 8, and 13 and our Boston Terrier Nickey Disco Doggie.


You can learn more about me and my family here and more about Simple Kids here.

Keepin' It Real Home Tour |

So, why am I flinging my front door wide open to the internet today?

I have seasons where homemaking comes easier to me and I am on top of things and I also have many times, like now, where it seems like I’m 20 steps behind my To Do list and the laundry pile is towering and there’s six weeks of dust coating every surface.

I’ve learned to save the guilt for sin, as they say, and I don’t beat myself up if my home isn’t always tidy. As you know, I’m a believer in the 80/20 rule and I apply it to my homemaking, too.

However, sometimes it’s nice – very nice – to know I’m not alone. I’m not the only one whose home isn’t always sparkling. There’s beauty in the messes, too, if you look for it.

It’s life and life is seldom neat as a pin (a phrase which takes on new meaning in the post-Pinterest world, am I right?)

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Using color coding to simplify.

SimpleKids | color codingI think it must be the changing of the seasons, but I’ve been feeling the organizing and decluttering bug.  Before the months we call “birthday season” arrive and our home is filled with guests and new things,  I’m taking some time to sort out, tidy, and organize around the house – especially in the children’s spaces. They were also given some new things for Christmas that we are still working on finding homes for.

I thought it might be fun to share one of the simple things that I do to help stay more organized at our house (not always an easy task for the seven of us).

Today I want to tell you about a super simple system we use to keep track of items:  color coding.

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