Simple Solutions for Stain Removal

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This Summer I’ll be re-running some of my favorite Simple Kids posts as Summer ReRuns. Today’s post is one of the first ones I ever bookmarked from SK, way back from 2009 before I was the editor here.  Megan shares some tips on stain removal that are timely during the Summer when there are so many wonderfully messy opportunities for fun. – Kara

Nature is inviting all of us to come outside and play.

No one wants to interrupt a glorious game of tag or bring a delicious and juicy dessert of fresh strawberries to a premature end for fear of stained clothing, but we also want to be good stewards of the material possessions we have by taking good care of them.  Yesterday, Asha at Parent Hacks shared her Almost Sure-Fire Clothing Stain Removal tip, and it reminded me that I have a few ideas of my own to share on summer stains.

1) Whenever possible, set aside some of the summer wardrobe for “play clothes” – for children and adults alike.  If everyone is playing outside in clothes that have been purposed for play, no one (not even the grown-ups) will give a second thought to rolling in the grass or indulging in a drippy, melt-y chocolate ice cream cone.

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In the garden: April update


Did you hear that?  The collective sigh of happiness from those of us finally getting to experience Spring?  Or maybe the whoops of excitement from a certain mama who was practically turning joyous cartwheels after the last snowflake melted? At last!  (My apologies to those of you who just received another fresh batch of the white stuff while I’m gloating about our weather).

It is still very quiet around here, but if one looks closely signs of warmer days and green, growing things are there.

Our family is excited to garden this year.  This will be the first spring in quite some time when I haven’t been pregnant or had a brand new baby, so I’m especially eager to get out there and see what we can do with this little back yard space of ours.

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Project Simplify: Drawers and Shelves


My friend Tsh is hosting Project Simplify this year over at Simple Mom.  The timing is perfect for me.  The spring sunshine is revealing all the dust and dirt and I’m itchy to whip things into shape around here.

Project Simplify on Simple Mom

This week’s challenge is drawers and shelves. 

I may have bitten off more than I can chew this week, but I’m already working with a lovely group of friends on facebook as we spring clean and this week I’m in our homeschool room/library/home office.

In other words, tackling the shelves and drawers this week is exactly what I need to be doing.

Note:  slow and steady wins the race and there is no way I’ll finish this in just one day.  So, look for this post to be updated with photos as the week goes along.  My plan is to set my timer and tackle these shelves fifteen minutes at a time.

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Rhythm in Action: Real Family Routines for Morning, Mealtime, and Evenings


Tax Season is upon us here at the Simple Kids household, which means I don’t have a lot of writing time on my hands these days. As Amelia was watching out the window at the garbage truck yesterday (Trash day is a favorite part of our weekly routine) I thought  of this post from the archives you might enjoy on rhythm and routines, originally published in March of 2010.

During the month of March at Simple Kids we’re talking about rhythm and routines.  Keeping in mind that every family’s needs are different and therefore every family’s routines work differently, I thought it would be fun to ask some real moms with families in a variety of situations and ages and stages of childhood what their morning, meal, homework, and evening routines look like.

I was inspired by their answers and I found a few tips that I think I can incorporate into my family’s rhythm.  I have a feeling you’ll be inspired by these families, too.

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Confessions of a cloth diaper drop out (and how I got back on the fluffy bottomed bandwagon)


Those of you who know me might be a little surprised by this post.  After all, for over a decade I’ve had at least one baby in cloth diapers and have spent many, many years with two in cloth diapers at a time.

I knit wool soakers, I peruse etsy for adorable handmade diaper covers, I have participated in online forums devoted to cloth diapering, and (okay, I’ll admit it) I take a tiny bit of pride in being “old school.”

However, (and this is an important point), as I often say, one person’s “simple” might be another person’s “complicated.”   It turns out that last year one of those things that used to be a cornerstone of my simple living parenting life was overwhelming me.

So, I became a cloth diaper drop-out.

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