Helping these walls to talk (however imperfectly)

It may be because I am finally starting to come out of my post-baby fog.  It may be that it is Spring.

I’m sure that Pinterest has something to do with it.

I suppose it could simply be that the recent sunshine pouring through my windows revealed all the dust and the drab.

Whatever the reason, I’m feeling itchy to make some changes in my surroundings.

For one thing, these bare walls are closing in on me.  I’m home with four little children, three of them under the age of five.  It gets loud around here, friends. There are times when the noise is suffocatingly loud.

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Tips for Creating a Child-Centered Space

 The following is by contributor Amanda Morgan of Not Just Cute.

With spring creeping in, I often get the urge to start reorganizing and redecorating.  With Tsh”s Project Simplify on top of that, there are many of us who are or soon will be swooping in to reclaim and renovate our kids” spaces.

But as we do so, I often wonder, are we approaching the project with the image of a magazine spread in mind or with our children in mind?  Here are a few things to consider when preparing a child-centered space. [Read more...]

Project Simplify: Kids’ Stuff – my “After”

The following post is by editor Kara Fleck.

Well, here we are: the end of week one of Project Simplify, Kids’ Stuff.  How did you guys do?

My “Before” and “After”

If you remember, here is my “before” (and thank you kindly to those of you who reassured me it really wasn’t that bad of a mess to begin with):

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Project Simplify: Kids’ Stuff – my progress

The following is by editor Kara Fleck.

So, friends, how is the first week of Project Simplify going for you as Tsh leads us in cleaning up kids’ stuff?

I have to admit that I still have a good amount of cleaning, decluttering, and downsizing work ahead of me.  My older two children have been terrific about helping, but my three year old isn’t quite as thrilled about the idea and has told me several times she “likes it messy” the little stinker.

I’m finding that it is working out best for my ten and five year olds and I to clean when the baby and the three year old are napping.  We put on some fun music and get to work.

The kids are working on their bedrooms, with a bit of supervision from me, and I’m tackling the play kitchen and the children’s desk in our loft playroom.

Here is my progress so far:

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Joining in With Simple Mom’s Project Simplify: Kids’ Stuff (my “before” pictures)

The following post is by editor Kara Fleck.

This week my friend Tsh, of Simple Mom, launches this year’s Project Simplify.  She’s starting us off in Kids’ Spaces and, as I’ve mentioned recently, my family’s kid spaces are in serious need of some attention and tender loving care after a few months of post-baby neglect.

I’m going to give the bedrooms and our loft playroom the bulk of my Spring Cleaning attention this week.  I’m going to focus on our loft playroom in this post and I thought I would share with you my “before” pictures  before I get started.

I’ve had a few weeks to really think about our home and the children’s things and I’ve been deciding which things we need to downsize and which things we just need to re-figure the storage of and the way we use the space currently.

Here are two areas I really need to focus on: the play kitchen and the children’s desk.  The image above shows the actual spaces exactly the way they were, no pre-picking up on my part (man, that was hard to resist!) before I photographed them at 7:30 this morning.

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