Daybook 10.27.14

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Outside my window … the skies are still dark as I type this, but the weatherman tells me that today and tomorrow are supposed to be really lovely and sunny. (And we’ll just pretend that the dire predictions for the rest of the week after that didn’t happen, okay?)

I am thinking … that there are now just 9 weekends left in 2014 and we have plans for 8 of them. They are good plans, fun plans, but that thought still leaves me a little bit shocked (and committed to enjoy the down time and quiet moments whenever I can).

I am thankful … for my sweet kids. When I told them that our local arts center had been vandalized (mums pulled up, pumpkins smashed) they were eager to help and to spend some time cleaning up and painting new pumpkins. Max even volunteered to go on a stake out to catch the bad guys, ha ha! I’m so thankful for their big hearts.

And, I’m also thankful for friends who see a need in our community and rise up to meet it and to Piney Acres Farm for donating the pumpkins.

There are some good people in this small town and I’m really glad we call it home.

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One Day

My #OneDayHH for 2014 |

One day. One day to photograph and share the simple, the mundane, the little events in our lives that don’t often (or ever) find themselves documented. One day to follow other folks all over and learn what we have in common and what we do differently.

This fantastic idea is the brain child of Laura of Hollywood Housewife, who created the #OneDayHH hashtag.

I loved following along on instagram last year and knew that this year I wanted to be a part of it.

Curious about what an ordinary Wednesday in my life looks like? Well, here’s a recap of what I shared on instagram for this year’s One Day:

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Soul shaking influence (poem)

Since I’ve been talking about my big kid here on the blog lately, I thought I would share a poem that I wrote last year about her. I know it isn’t the type of content I usually publish here, but I thought you might enjoy it. Also, it gave me an excuse to share one of my favorite pictures of her at age four.

(And if you’re ever interested in more of my creative writing, you are invited to visit my personal blog. The Love Songs are my favorite.)

Sometimes I’m not sure which I find more startling as a parent: the things they do which are the perfect echo of myself or the things about them which are so entirely unique to them, bursting forth
without any influence.  I think those thoughts are where today’s words come from.

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Let’s hear it for the big kids!

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Waving the white flag and other perfectly acceptable things for busy seasons of life {vlog}

SpringKidsHip, hip, hooray for Spring days!

Long time, no vlog my friends.  But, here I am, sneaking away a few moments to chat with you thanks to the iphone’s video camera (so forgive me for the even less stellar than usual quality).

If you’ve got six minutes to give yourself a time out as we begin this week, here are a few thoughts from me on waving the white flag and other perfectly acceptable things for busy seasons of life:

(note:  if you’re viewing this via email or a reader you may need to click through to the blog in order to watch the video)

Video notes:
– I’m going to be doing VEDA (vlog every day in April) or at least VMA (vlog *most* days in April).  You can find that on my YouTube channel, if you’re interested.  I won’t be sharing all of them here on the blog.

– sorry about the barking squirrel crazy dog around 4:16  :-)

– Aimee’s post on Simple Bites about Non Suppers can be found here:

Here’s to popcorn and apple slices for dinner, friends!
Best wishes,