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Welcome to my new readers and to those of you returning to this space!  When I shut down my personal blog (temporarily, it’s up and running again) one thing I knew for sure I did want to bring over to this space is my weekly-ish Worthwhile Reads and Lovely Things posts. These are some of my favorite posts to write.

Thanks for joining me for the Simple Kids version of WRaLT! Now, let’s get to the good stuff!

Here are this week’s worthwhile reads and lovely things …

Find of the Week: we’ve been using this giant bubble recipe that we found on the Happy Hooligans blog and have had good success with it. We’ve been using corn syrup in place of glycerin, mainly because I haven’t been able to find any glycerin at any of the stores we’ve been to lately (local folks, any tips on where to find this around here?) This recipe makes sturdy bubbles that do grow into giants with the right combination of bubble wand and windy day.

Blogs: here are some worthwhile reads I came across in my browsing lately …

Local Loves: a few weeks ago my family and I found ourselves at one of the newest businesses here in our hometown of Fortville, Kewpie’s Kloset. It’s a children’s resell shop located on Main Street (right next door the the ice cream shop) that sells quality resell kids’ clothing and some handmade and new items, too. Prices range from $1.99 to $80 and I was impressed with the inventory – lots of fun items at a sweet price. Our friends at Towne Mama recently did a write up about this sweet resell shop. You can check the shop out on facebook, too.

School Days:  We do homeschool year round, but we’re taking a few weeks off to mark the official end of the year and to give our brains a break before we start again as 8th, 3rd, and 1st graders.

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Make a difference in a child’s life (walking for Love 146 update)

The Fleck family | SimpleKids.net

We love walking! We are blessed to live in an area that is foot traffic friendly. Getting outdoors for a long walk around town or heading to the woods for a hike are some of our favorite family times, plus we really love getting in some extra exercise this way. Hooray for family fitness!

This summer, the kids and I have even more incentive than usual to walk. We have extra pep in our steps because we’re raising money for Love146 and have pledged to walk 146 miles this summer in order to raise awareness and funds for the fight against child trafficking.

I love the idea of Tread on Trafficking because it gives us something we can do to help. Our steps, and the generous donations to Love 146, make a difference in the life of a child and helps protect vulnerable boys and girls all over the world.

This is a lesson I hope my kids learn and take to heart. There is something they can do. There are ways to help. And, even as children, they can make a difference, too.

The kids and I would love your support! We’ve never done anything like this before and we’re half way through the summer but not quite half way to our goals for miles walked or money raised. We’re feeling challenged but optimistic.

June Fleck Feet for Love 146 update | SimpleKids.net

We are hoping the improved weather improves our efforts with the miles walked. We appreciate prayers, good thoughts, and encouragement as we work toward our financial goal.

If you feel moved to donate, you can do so at our fund raising page here. Thank you!

Our Summer Seven

Landmark Park Fortville | SimpleKids.net

I don’t know about you and your kids, but after the way the past couple of seasons have gone for our family we’re in need of a “less is more” kind of summer.

Of course, there are some other things going on this summer that are filling in all of the squares on our calendar pretty quickly. There are reunions and weddings and graduations. We’ve been planning a family vacation and I’d also love it if we got a little more organized and did some downsizing and decluttering in the next few months. I’ve got to get ready for the upcoming school year, too. And we have a handful of activities, sports, and clubs we are participating in.

Still, I don’t want this season to be all about To Do lists and going here and going there.

This season needs to be simple, wide open, slower, savored.

So, a few weeks ago I did what I usually do when I need to gather my thoughts and get focused: I made a list, a handful of things that I’d really love to see us do this summer and the rest? The rest will be wonderful, but it isn’t going to dominate our summer. That might mean I’m saying “no” to things I might normally commit us to, but that’s what this family needs right now.

Seven simple ways we want to savor summer:

1. Try making new flavors of ice cream. We want to expand beyond the usual homemade vanilla bean and strawberry. We’ll share our favorites here on the blog, and I’m sure will have a lot of fun enjoying the successes and laughing together at the failures.

2. Read, read, read. And then read some more. Hellllllllo, library!

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