Come follow, follow us to … the Farmers Market

I‘m so happy to introduce a new series here on the blog, all about our family field trips and adventures: Come Follow, Follow. Do you recognize one of the littlest Fleck’s favorite songs?

So, where have we been so far? First we went to Community Day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Last week we shared our adventures at Touch a Truck Day in Fishers, Indiana.

Today the kids and I wanted to share with you our recent trip to the Fortville Farmers Market.

As my kids get older and a little more interested in how things grow, including their own bodies, and where the food we eat comes from, the farmers market is the perfect place for a little family adventure and some tasty treats, to boot!

As a parent, I love that the kids can see from weekly visits to the farmers market over the course of the season what different things grow and how the offerings change. It isn’t like the supermarket with bananas on the shelf year round. It’s a hands on way to teach what concepts like “seasonal” and “fresh” and “locally grown” mean.

We loaded up the kids and Aunt Angela in the family minivan and headed out for some delicious adventures and to see what was available now.

So in today’s post, the kids and I invite you to come follow, follow, follow us to … the farmers market!

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Did you know? Bubbles

MaxbubbleNote: there are some affiliate links in this post. Thanks for your support!

Welcome to this week’s Did You Know? A series about interesting things.

In this series the kids and I explore all kinds of topics that interest us and share with all of you a few of the fun facts and ideas that we are learning.

Ready to jump in?


This week’s Did You Know? is all about bubbles. 

Light and airy, delicate, bouncy, full of rainbows, fun in bathtubs and backyards, bubbles are a childhood favorite!

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A Summer of Fun with Kiwi Crate

I’m not just an affiliate for Kiwi Crate, my family and I are happy subscribers.” (Pretend I said that in my best TV announcer voice, ha ha!)

Seriously, though, the kids and I really love our subscription (we have a month to month subscription with an add on sibling pack and it is enough for all to share).

You can read one of our reviews of this monthly subscription box for kids here.

KiwiCrateMasksKidsA favorite craft from one of our past Kiwi Crates.

For the months of June – August, each crate will include exciting summer themed projects, bonus activities and fun surprises for the family!

New subscribers can take 25% off 1st month subscription with code SUMMER25.

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