Some mid-week reading: boredom, self care, elephants, and a giant carrot


Ha!  Would you look at that?  I intended to schedule some posts for this week so that I could take a little mini-blogging break but it would appear that none of my scheduled posts actually published.  (Proving once again that I know just enough about blogging to be dangerous to myself and little else).

So, because I’ve picked up a head cold during our travels and don’t really have much to share besides “pass the hot tea and the tissues please” and a few pictures from our weekend, here are some mid-week reads I think are worth pointing out on this Wednesday morning.

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Weekend link love: savoring the last days of Summer edition


We are off to celebrate a very important birthday and to try and squeeze in a few more Summer adventures while the weather is still lovely and sunny.  I hope you and your kids have a wonderful weekend.  See you Monday!


Weekend link love


I think that’s it for me this weekend.  We’re doing big time bathroom remodeling and painting (hold me) so I suppose I should quit hiding here on the computer and see if I can’t lend a hand.

I hope you and your kids are up to something wonderful!

Best wishes, Kara



Weekend Links


The Simple Kids Pinterest boards have been nominated for a Red Tricycle Award!  We”re in some lovely company, and if you feel so inclined, I would really appreciate it if you voted.  It doesn”t have to be for me, though I”d certainly love to win, there are many beautiful and inspiring pinners to choose from.  You can cast your vote here at the Red Tricycle website.  Thanks!

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

The Friday Five: 5 Popular Posts (aka, things I cannot believe I shared on the internet)


Do you know why I’m holding this potty seat?  If you are just joining us at the SK blog (welcome!) or if you missed a few posts, this might be a mystery.

Never fear, I’m here to answer your questions in this week’s Friday Five.

My family and I are enjoying a few days staying at my parents place in the middle of nowhere. I’ve been looking forward to this chance to unwind, hang out with my parents, and escape daily life for months now.  Isn’t it neat to watch your parents be grandparents?  It is one of my favorite things.

While we are enjoying lightening bugs, fireworks, swimming, and berry picking, I thought I’d share five popular posts so far for 2013.

According to my analytics, these are the readers’ favorite posts so far this year (and many of them are mine, too):

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