Special Edition Showcase: DIY Robot

Last week, a blizzard and an internet outage and holiday travel combined to prevent me from sharing a weekly Showcase with you.  However, my friend Rachel of Small Notebook emailed me a Showcase idea that I absolutely cannot wait until this Friday to share.

The week between Christmas and New Years often allows for lots of downtime for families – downtime that can be both a blessing and a challenge.  I think the spirit behind this project may inspire some DIY fun in your home:

It started innocently enough. My husband Doug sat down with Lane to practice writing letter L’s, but soon they grew bored with that and drew a robot instead. Doug didn’t realize that at 6:30 the next morning, she would insist on making that robot.

With only a little coffee to help get him started, he looked around to assemble robot parts: pennies for eyes, a rubber band mouth, canning jar rings for feet, and lots and lots of tape. Soon Lane had a new BFF for tea parties, nap time, and even a trip to Home Depot.

“Why do we buy toys?” my husband wondered.

The next day she wanted to paint. Most of the time when she asks to paint, I try to think of any reason not to, so as to avoid the cleaning up. But this time, following my husband’s lead, I said, “of course we can paint!” and she went to town decorating her robot with muddy browns and purples.

20091219 - Lane and Doug drawing

20091220 - Lane and robot

20091220 - Robot

Isn’t that so much fun?

When our older daughter carefully constructed puppets for a puppet show using just brown bags and markers, my husband also wondered why on earth we buy toys for them.

May this week bring much creativity and innovation to your home!