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It has been unusually busy here at the Fleck household, and that isn’t how I like for things to be.  The full calendar combined with the new sleeping, or lack of sleeping, schedule my toddler has adopted (without even consulting me, mind you, ha ha!) means that I haven’t quite found my new groove for writing in this season of life.

So, if posts are a little haphazard and sometimes I don’t update until the evenings, now you know why: this mama is stealing away whatever scraps of time she can for writing and that often doesn’t happen until after bedtime.

I hope you’re finding some time and space to rest and recharge for the week ahead, friend.  Have a lovely weekend!


Little Passports Two Day Flash Sale


I have some news from one of my affiliates today:  over the next 48 hours Little Passports will be having a Flash Sale. (Please note that I am an affiliate for Little Passports.  Thanks for your support!)

We use, and love, Little Passports in our home.  Max and Lucy, my five and seven year olds, share a World subscription and my eleven year old has a USA subscription.  We incorporate them into our homeschool, but you don”t have to be a homeschooler to appreciate the mix of kid-friendly fun and education.

From Little Passports …

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The Friday Five: 5 reasons to love Fortville {Indy With Kids}

Fortville Progressive Tour

Today’s Friday Five is for the local folks.

I‘m guest posting over at Indy With Kids this week, sharing five “must see” places and events happening in this small town that my family and I adore.  

Indiana friends, if you are looking for something fun to do with your family this fall, I’d love to invite you to my town of Fortville, located in western Hancock county, just outside of Indianapolis.

I was invited, along with several other local bloggers, to take a progressive tour of the town by the lovely ladies at the Fortville Mama blog. It was so much fun to learn a little more about this area (including visiting a fantastic family spot I’d never been to in the nearly ten years we’ve lived here) and it was  a real pleasure to meet so many Indiana bloggers. I always love being able to meet in person and put faces to the blogs.

See my post at Indy With Kids here to find out more (and maybe I’ll see you in town soon?)