Unplugged Play: sidewalk chalk


After a long winter, the kids and I were thrilled that the Easter Bunny brought a glorious warm and sunny weekend with him.

Spring has been around for a few weeks, at least according to the calendar, but it certainly hasn”t felt like it at our house.  In fact, this time last week we were enduring a snowfall that made March one for the record books.

Hooray for changing seasons! Last weekend was gorgeous and sunny and we, of course, headed outdoors to celebrate!

Jackets were shed, sunglasses were donned, and one of our favorite sunny weather unplugged play toys came out:  the sidewalk chalk.

I bet it is one of your family”s favorite unplugged play toys, too.

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30+ Unplugged Play Ideas

Unplugged Play Ideas ::: SimpleKids.net

Today”s the day!  We”re beginning our much anticipated series on  Unplugged play:  no batteries required.

We”ve got over 30 Ideas (and counting) for unplugged play.

It seems, at times, like play and childhood are becoming obsolete.  We live in such a hurry-up world that it can be easy to forget that life doesn’t have to be that fast-paced and play doesn’t require batteries or the endorsement of a television character.   I invite you and your kids to slow down and reconnect with simple play

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Unplugged Play

Each idea will feature a short post with a simple idea or two for “unplugged” play – no batteries or power cords required.

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