Come follow, follow us to … Community Day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

I‘m so happy to introduce another new series here on the blog, all about our family field trips and adventures:  Come Follow, FollowDo you recognize one of the littlest Fleck’s favorite songs?

Today the kids and I wanted to share with you our recent trip to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the Indianapolis 500 Community day.

My husband and I are both big Indy Car fans and we also both grew up with fond memories of the speedway and the Indy 500. In my case, a family love affair with auto racing goes back to my children’s great grandparents.

It means a lot to Christopher and I that the our kids enjoy racing, too. It is nice to be able to share with them something we love and to have a sport that we all follow as a family together – from Great-Grandma to our toddler, we all have a love of IndyCar in common.

Community Day at the Speedway is an annual event that we all look forward to. It really is a unique place with a history unlike any other. In fact, I was a bit snap happy with the camera and I had a hard time narrowing down which pictures to show you, so this is more image heavy than my usual blog post (but if you have a race car fan at your house, I think it will be worth it).

So in today’s post, the kids and I invite you to come follow, follow, follow us to …. Community Day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.


One of our favorite things to do each year at Community Day is to drive the family minivan around the track.  Just to think of all of the history around that oval, it really is an amazing experience to say that you have driven on the very same track as the legends (though I’m glad there is a speed limit for rookies like us).



No race cars are running, so the noise level is comfortable, and since there are plenty of shady spots and there’s always a chance to beat the heat by visiting the Hall of Fame museum at the Speedway, Community Day is a nice day for a family like ours with younger kids to get to enjoy the track on a more family-friendly day than a normal qualifying, practice, or race day.


The inside of the Speedway is huge and there are many really beautiful places that I think most people wouldn’t associate with motor sports or a race track.

Getting to tour the garage area and Gasoline Alley is pretty cool, too. For this race fan, it is like getting to walk my kids through the pages of history – stepping where legends have stepped and remembering heroes (sung and unsung) and all of the amazing stories in nearly 100 years of Indianapolis 500 races.

Plus, there are lots of cool gadgets and parts and tires, which both my young and young at heart kids really love!




IMSCommunityDay2014_JillianCharlieKimballJillian’s favorite driver is Charlie Kimball, so she really thought it was cool to get to see members of his team working in the garages.


Yes, there are all kinds of interesting sights at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Community Day.




Hall of Fame Museum

As a family of Indy Car fans, we were all especially excited to learn that our Community Day ticket included admission to the Hall of Fame museum.

There are some real treasures there if you’re interested in the history and legacy of this sport. In fact, I’d recommend going any time the museum is open, not just on Community Day, as I think the history here is well worth the price of admission.

The museum is more than just a showcase of motorsports.  In some ways it is like a time capsule of Indiana and the city of Indianapolis over the past 100 years.







The older kids enjoyed tying in a bit of personal family history into the day as we toured the museum and tried to find the drivers who won the Indianapolis 500 in the years that we were born.





We had a really good time and we’re looking forward to the Indianapolis 500 this year even more thanks to our day at the speedway.

We got the details on time, date, and cost about this year’s IMS Community Day from our friend Katy of Indy With Kids.  If you’re a local parent and you’d like to keep in the loop about fantastic family friendly Indianapolis events, I strongly encourage you to follow Katy and her crew.  She’s the best!

It was a fantastic day and a fun event for this family – one we’ll be marking on the calendar for next year.



Family picks for the Indy 500

We will be tuning in (and some of us lucky ducks will be attending) to watch the Greatest Spectacle in Racing and celebrate our home state. Here are our picks for the winner this year:

  • Mommy: Marco Andretti (but she’d really love for it to be Will Power)
  • Daddy: Marco Andretti
  • Jillian: Charlie Kimball
  • Max: Tony Kanaan
  • Lucy: Helio Castronevez
  • Amelia: “Daddy!”

Do you and your kids have a favorite Indy Car driver?  Who are you going to be cheering for on Sunday?

Stay tuned next week to see where the kids and I go for our next adventure!

About Kara

Kara Fleck is the editor of Simple Kids. She is a small town mama, writer, knitter, bookworm, and hooligan. Kara lives in Indiana with her husband Christopher and their four children Jillian, Max, Lucy, and Amelia. You can find more of her writing at

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