Help for children affected by the typhoon in the Philippines

As you are probably aware, Super Typhoon Haiyan devastated the Philippines last week.  According to UNICEF 1.7 million children are believed to be living in the typhoon”s path and more than 10,000 men, women, and children are feared dead.  Thousands of children and families are displaced and need help.

Compassion is an important charity organization to me, as longtime readers of this blog know.  What you might not know is that one of our family”s Compassion children lives in the Philippines with her family.  It is funny how deeply a child”s simple crayon scribbled drawings and wobbly letters on a piece of paper can carve them right into your heart, isn”t it?

My family has been waiting anxiously for any news about Joanna and her family, which understandably will be slow to come as communications are down and there are more urgent needs and higher priorities, such as providing food, shelter, water, and medical care to those who need it.

I”m thankful that there are so many great organizations already in place in this part of the world, that there are those who answer the calls for help when needed.  However, as I pray from the comfort and safety of my home, for our Compassion child and her family, and for everyone in the Philippines affected by this devastating storm, it doesn”t seem like I”m doing enough.

So, I wanted to use my platform here on the blog to share with all of you the page that Compassion has set up (they update it as more news comes in) with a way you can help children affected by the typhoon in the Philippines. The money raised is helping provide the relief, recovery, and rehabilitation.

Help Children Affected by Philippines Typhoon

In the meantime, at my home we continue to pray for Joanna, her family, and all in the Philippines and we anxiously await for news of their safety.  Hug your children close, my friends.

And, please remember that if you aren’t in a position to give financially (or you have another charity that is dear to you that you prefer to support) that’s okay.  However, I would love to ask you for good thoughts and prayers for the children and families in this area.  Thank you!

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