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Written by Kara Fleck, Simple Kids editor and Rockin’ Granola mama.

I‘ll admit it:  I am a bit enthusiastic when it comes to Christmas.  You see, I like to give each of my children at least one handmade thing every year.  I also like to have all of my holiday crafting finished up before December 1st.

That means I have four months to select, create, and finish up my handmade gifts this year.  

I love that many of you are also starting to think about your holiday crafting and gift making and wanted encourage each other.

My plans:  a live blogging day

Inspired by the amazing Mandi, who live blogged all week during her Simplifying for Fall series , I thought it would be fun to take August 25th and dedicate the day to my holiday crafting.

I’ll be updating this post, facebook, twitter, google+ and instagram all day long with my crafting endeavors.  If you want to join in, I’m using the hashtag #SKcraftalong.  I plan to watch a holiday movie or two and knit, stitch, and glue the day away – my own little North Pole (in Indy, in August).

Watch this post for updates throughout the day.

My List (subject to change, of course):

I’ve whittled my list down a bit from last month, to what I hope is a more realistic plan.  I’ve gotten started on a few projects, and finished one, but I really need a good push through today.   I won’t get to everything on my list, not by a long shot, but I would like to at least make a dent.

Everything I get done now means something I don’t have to worry about later in the season, when life is always a little busier.

Now, let’s get started creating!

8am – silks in egg dye

Good morning!  I had some kid free time this morning so I got up, started some coffee and also started some hot water for more egg dying.   This morning I’m dying up some 44 inch playsilks.  I used the same method as before, with a change in the recipe:  1/4C. vinegar + 2 egg dye tablets + 3 C. hot water per each 44″ playsilk.

Now I’m going to sip my coffee and contemplate a crafty game plan for the rest of the day.

1pm – a change of plans

So, my silks didn’t turn out the orange and dark purple I would have liked. Hmmmmmm.  Perhaps I’ll be picking up some orange koolaid?  I really want Max to have an orange silk cape since that is his favorite color.  Looks like my Lucy is going to get a pinky-purple silk cape and maybe the baby will have the yellow?  It is a lovely yellow.

And, due to some poor planning on my part, I’m out of printer ink so I can’t print any gnome clothing patterns today.  No big deal!  I’ll just change my plans for a day a little bit.

I was flipping through some back issues of Living Crafts magazine and found a doll that is made from felted sweaters.  I just so happen to have a pair of wool longies that I knit for Amelia when she was a new baby.  I wasn’t sure what to do with them, but now I’ve got them machine felting (they are in the washing machine on HOT as I type) and I’m going to use the felted fabric to make her this doll.

In the meantime, I think I’ll pop in a holiday movie and knit up a chicken or two while the baby sleeps.


It was a good day. I got quite a few projects at least started and I can cross one more off of my To Do list.  I’ve got the felted longies ready to sew, I’m starting on the knit chickens, the playsilks are done (though I need to dye another in a true orange color), and I’ve got a good start on the super hero masks.  I feel like I’m in really good shape, with months yet to go. I’m glad I took the day to do this.

This is probably all that I will get to before we head into bedtime around here. Thanks for following along! Maybe next month more of you will be joining in?

Best wishes!

Join in:  Link Up!

Have you been making a crafty list and checking it twice? Started on a holiday gift project or two? I’d love it if you’d join in with me and link up your holiday kids’ gift craft-along post or instagram photo. I’ll keep the link up open for a few days, so jump in whenever you’d like.

Need some inspiration?

I started a Pinterest board for Homemade Holiday Kids’ Gifts.

Looking to get organized?

It turns out that Jessica, of Life As Mom, is right there with us.  She recently released a new ebook – A Simpler Season: inspiration and planning pages for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s.

Will you be doing any holiday crafting today? Or is it still far, far off your radar?

About Kara

Kara Fleck is the editor of Simple Kids. She is a small town mama, writer, knitter, bookworm, and hooligan. Kara lives in Indiana with her husband Christopher and their four children Jillian, Max, Lucy, and Amelia. You can find more of her writing at

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  1. How are you making the capes? Are they made of the playsilks sewn together?

  2. I’m still clinging on to the last week of summer before my kids go back to school, but I really love the idea of a huge crafty day, from dawn to dusk. Good luck with your projects!
    Cathy James (@nurturestore)´s latest post: Clay sculptures at the Just So festival

  3. Love the live blogging! I wish I could join you today, alas my kitchen is full of tomatoes and I am canning salsa :-) Good luck!!!
    Heather´s latest post: Petit Amuse Review and Giveaway

  4. How fun! How are you keeping your projects hidden from the kids- are they out playing with daddy today?

    We just decided to seriously simplify Christmas because to be honest, they get plenty of gifts from other family members. I’m going to make some Blurb family photo albums instead for all of us, and then we’ll just do stockings.

    Still need to figure out what little handmades will go in the stockings. Thanks for the spinny speller tutorial link- that will be perfect for Gigi!
    Nicole @ Simple Homemade´s latest post: No Posts Were Found!

    • It’s been a gorgeous sunny day, so they haven’t been paying too much attention to me :-) There have been a few close calls, though!

      They are sort of used to my stealth crafting by now, but really not much of what I’m making looks like anything yet – very early stages, so it is easy to disguise.

      Love your idea for photo albums and stockings! I’m hoping we’ll tackle the spinny spellers next month. We’ll see …

  5. Love your ideas! Must look up the doll pattern, my 5yo dd would love to help me make this for the baby. And our play silks have been used and abused over the last 8 years, so that would also be a great gift here!
    Pamela´s latest post: A horrible, terrible, no good, very bad day

  6. I LOVE the play-silks! And kood-aide is a great idea! Now if I cold only learn to knit or crochet, we’d all be set for winter!
    Debbye´s latest post: Why Newborn Babies Are Fussy In The Evening (Besides Colic)


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