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Outside my window … the skies are still dark as I type this, but the weatherman tells me that today and tomorrow are supposed to be really lovely and sunny. (And we’ll just pretend that the dire predictions for the rest of the week after that didn’t happen, okay?)

I am thinking … that there are now just 9 weekends left in 2014 and we have plans for 8 of them. They are good plans, fun plans, but that thought still leaves me a little bit shocked (and committed to enjoy the down time and quiet moments whenever I can).

I am thankful … for my sweet kids. When I told them that our local arts center had been vandalized (mums pulled up, pumpkins smashed) they were eager to help and to spend some time cleaning up and painting new pumpkins. Max even volunteered to go on a stake out to catch the bad guys, ha ha! I’m so thankful for their big hearts.

And, I’m also thankful for friends who see a need in our community and rise up to meet it and to Piney Acres Farm for donating the pumpkins.

There are some good people in this small town and I’m really glad we call it home.

Pumpkin Painting Amelia | a simple daybook |

I am wearing … hand-knit socks, jeans, my Mercy House tee, and a hot pink and navy blue plaid flannel.

I am creating … speaking of hand-knit socks, I currently have 3 different pairs in progress. My knitting needles are happiest when they are busy with self-striping sock yarn and my toes will be happy for the cozy wool once this colder weather hits. It really is life’s little pleasures that make me feel the most pampered.

I am going … to do some more freezer cooking today. A couple of you asked about it when I shared my One Day post last week. Really, I don’t do anything too fancy. A couple of times a week I just double-up what we’re having for dinner and I freeze it. The time of year from Halloween to about Valentines Day is always a whirlwind for us and I always feel better going into the season with some meals waiting in the freezer, but I don’t often (ever?) have time to do a big one day giant freezer cooking session. Just adding a few extra things to what I’m already cooking every week works best for me.

I am wondering … about these easy, no prep fall crafts that I spotted on Pinterest last week and if I could incorporate a few into our days this week.

Zoo Boo 2014 and my little candy corn hunters |

I am reading … over the weekend I got my copy of Heaven on Earth off the the bookshelf and I’ve been re-reading it. This book, while not one hundred perfect in line with my parenting (really, what book is for any of us?), is one that I have turned to time and again over the years. According to Amazon I’ve own my copy since 2009, so for about half of my parenting journey so far it’s been a resource for me. It’s very Waldorf inspired, so if that is your thing you might like this book, too.

I am learning … that if I want to end some of the sarcastic and biting comments I’ve been hearing coming from my children’s mouths lately, that I need to bee better about policing my own speech. Ouch. Sometimes parenting comes with a great big side order of humility, doesn’t it?

Around the house … we are getting ready for Halloween and we’re so excited! And, if we weren’t before, then the pumpkin painting and the Zoo Boo this weekend sealed the deal.

When I was a kid we lived in a pretty remote location so we never got trick-or-treaters. One of my joys today is that our neighborhood really goes all out for Halloween and its so fun for me to see all of the costumes and to take the kids door to door and chat with our friends and see how they’ve decorated their homes. I just love it!

In the kitchen … one of the things I want to stash away in our freezer for busier days this week is the Pioneer Woman’s Hot Roast Beef sandwiches. Have any of you done this? I keep thinking that being able to pull out just what we need for a quick meal (for one or for seven) will be a great sanity saver later on, but I don’t think I’ve even done frozen sandwiches like this before so I’m curious how they will turn out. I saw an episode of her show where PW included them in her freezer cooking though, so now I’ve got to try it for myself.

I am pondering … that whole mom needs to watch her own sarcastic mouth thing that I mentioned earlier. Ahem.

A favorite quote for today: “Don’t let the doubts of others ring louder than God’s whispers to your spirit.” – The Memory Jar, author Tricia Goyer

sock knitting and coffee drinking = my idea of heaven on earth |

One of my favorite things … sock knitting + warm coffee = my idea of heaven on earth.

A few plans for the week …

  • watercolor painting with the kids
  • having dinner by candlelight one night this week
  • getting together with a friend from some mom time
  • art club for the big kids
  • Halloween

Have a wonderful day, my friends. I know I keep saying it, but it is SO good to be back here and sharing our days with all of you. Thanks for being a Simple Kids reader!

Best wishes,



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  1. Your socks are beautiful!! Wow.
    I also just realized that there are very, very few weeks left of 2014. Although we had a rough year and I’m ready for a new one, it also terrifies me that I have so few left to make xmas gifts (something I love doing, don’t get me wrong).
    Lastly, and completely unrelated–I also just chopped my curly hair very similar to yours–do you like it? My hair feels so much healthier.
    Sarah M
    Sarah M´s latest post: Friday Links

    • I love my new hair (though the windy Zoo Boo photo perhaps isn’t my best, ha ha!) This has been a big year of hair changes for me, including no longer straightening it and processing it so much (the dyes are use aren’t permanent). As a result, my hair is healthier and evidently curly :-) I feel like it is easier (and more fun) to have such curly hair when it is shorter. Plus, it seems like every few months I just need a change, you know?

      I was stunned when I sat down with the calendar and counted the weekends left. It seems like the first half of this year went by so slowly but now the days are flying by.
      Kara´s latest post: Daybook 10.27.14

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