A few of my favorite things (giveaway)

Written by Kara Fleck, Simple Kids editor and Rockin’ Granola mama.

Today is my birthday.  I”m celebrating 39 trips around the sun and I”m thankful for every single one, even the ones that left me with a few more wrinkles and white hair.

“It takes a long time to grow young.” – Pablo Picasso

Since today is my birthday, I wanted to do something that makes me very happy:  giving gifts.

I can”t think of a nicer way to celebrate than to give away some of my favorite things to a Simple Kids reader!

The giveaway

This giveaway is for some of my favorite things. Included are:

Artterro art journal

We are pretty big fans of Artterro at our house.  The company”s award winning (and eco-friendly!) arts and crafts kits are so much fun.  If you have an older child, or perhaps your own inner child, who loves to create these kits are perfect.  My eleven year old and I love their journal kits the best. Artterro very kindly sent us one art journal kit to giveaway and they provided a discount code for Simple Kids readers, too:  use the code FAVEART20 for 20% off any order through January 2, 2013Thanks, Artterro!

Heaven on Earth

There are a few books on my bookshelf that I read and re-read, marking up the pages, tagging things with post-it tabs, returning to their advice and ideas again and again.  Heaven on Earth: A Handbook for Parents of Young Children by Sharifa Oppenheimer is one of those books.  I”ve been loving and referring to our copy since 2009, this book is full of advice on everything from daily rhythm and routines to chores to play.  I know you”ll love it, too!

Naturally Fun Parties for Kids

provided lots of inspirations for crafts, decorations, and recipes for our family”s celebrations this past year.  I”m already marking some ideas for next year”s birthdays and get-togethers.  I think you”ll be inspired by the ideas in this book, too.  You can read my full review here.

Spot It!

is one of our favorite family games.  Small enough to tuck away into the diaper bag, easy enough for our four year old to play with a little help, and fun for kids of all ages.  Spot It! is a matching game, the object being to be the fastest person to call out the match between two cards.  There are 55 cards in each deck, each card is decorated with 8 symbols, and there are more than 50 symbols in all.  You can read my review of Spot It! here.

Simplicity Parenting

Simplicity Parenting: Using the Extraordinary Power of Less to Raiser Calmer, Happier and More Secure Kids by Kim John Payne has probably had a bigger influence on my parenting over the past few years than just about any other parenting book I”ve read.  And I read a lot of parenting books.   This is another title that I turn to time and time again and I think every parent should have a copy on their bookshelf.


One Simple Kids reader will win all of these things, my birthday gift to you!

To Enter

To enter, simply leave a comment on this post telling me how you celebrated your last birthday.

This giveaway is open world wide (I don”t mind shipping if you don”t mind waiting for it) and will end at midnight EST on Thursday December 20, 2012.  Good luck!

About Kara

Kara Fleck is the editor of Simple Kids. She is a small town mama, writer, knitter, bookworm, and hooligan. Kara lives in Indiana with her husband Christopher and their four children Jillian, Max, Lucy, and Amelia. You can find more of her writing at KElizabethFleck.com.

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  1. On my last birthday, I turned 30 and was almost 30 weeks pregnant with my third baby. It was a quiet day spent with my family and a relaxing evening at the bookstore with my writing group.

  2. For my last birthday we took my son to a children’s museum. I don’t think we even had cake! It was fun, but this year I’m doing a grownup celebration.

  3. This past year we just went to a fun Mexican Food restaurant and I got a camera bag and some post-baby-body clothes :)

  4. I spent my last birthday thrifting with a close friend, and shared dinner w good friends, my husband and little boy :)

  5. Celebrated my birthday the day after thanksgiving with extended family, three hours in the car home, and spending the night with my husband and baby after a whole week without the hubby. :-)

  6. My last bday I asked my husband for a child to sponsor so he and my friends put together an amazing party where everyone was invited to pick a child to sponsor from a particular organization that I love! So we added to our family that day, one more child!

  7. I spent my last birthday having a quiet day at home, sushi, nothing terribly exciting but it was nice. :)
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  8. My last birthday (39) we spent the day at ny aquarium the three of us. My son 21 months at the time loved the “fishies” so much we got a membership. Finished off with pizza and cupcakes at home. Simple quiet day that I appreciate so much now, especially after massive damage from hurricane sandy essentially destroyed aquarium.

  9. Last birthday I took a day off from work, took time to drive the kids to school and day care (usually my husband does it) and went for a facial. Then I had lunch in a cafe, on my onw and spent the afternoon scrapbooking. A day for myself.

  10. On my last birthday, my husband and I had a date, lunch and a movie. The rarity of our dates makes them very special!

  11. last birthday I turned 35! EEk! I was surrounded by family and felt loved!

  12. My last birthday, I took the day off from work and ended up volunteering in one of my children’s classrooms which was such a fun way to spend my birthday!! We were having some leftover cake from another event and I mentioned that it was my bday and all the kindergartners sang to me (well minus the are you 1, are you 2 part which would have taken the remainder of their class time!)