A few of my favorite things (giveaway)

Written by Kara Fleck, Simple Kids editor and Rockin’ Granola mama.

Today is my birthday.  I”m celebrating 39 trips around the sun and I”m thankful for every single one, even the ones that left me with a few more wrinkles and white hair.

“It takes a long time to grow young.” – Pablo Picasso

Since today is my birthday, I wanted to do something that makes me very happy:  giving gifts.

I can”t think of a nicer way to celebrate than to give away some of my favorite things to a Simple Kids reader!

The giveaway

This giveaway is for some of my favorite things. Included are:

Artterro art journal

We are pretty big fans of Artterro at our house.  The company”s award winning (and eco-friendly!) arts and crafts kits are so much fun.  If you have an older child, or perhaps your own inner child, who loves to create these kits are perfect.  My eleven year old and I love their journal kits the best. Artterro very kindly sent us one art journal kit to giveaway and they provided a discount code for Simple Kids readers, too:  use the code FAVEART20 for 20% off any order through January 2, 2013Thanks, Artterro!

Heaven on Earth

There are a few books on my bookshelf that I read and re-read, marking up the pages, tagging things with post-it tabs, returning to their advice and ideas again and again.  Heaven on Earth: A Handbook for Parents of Young Children by Sharifa Oppenheimer is one of those books.  I”ve been loving and referring to our copy since 2009, this book is full of advice on everything from daily rhythm and routines to chores to play.  I know you”ll love it, too!

Naturally Fun Parties for Kids

provided lots of inspirations for crafts, decorations, and recipes for our family”s celebrations this past year.  I”m already marking some ideas for next year”s birthdays and get-togethers.  I think you”ll be inspired by the ideas in this book, too.  You can read my full review here.

Spot It!

is one of our favorite family games.  Small enough to tuck away into the diaper bag, easy enough for our four year old to play with a little help, and fun for kids of all ages.  Spot It! is a matching game, the object being to be the fastest person to call out the match between two cards.  There are 55 cards in each deck, each card is decorated with 8 symbols, and there are more than 50 symbols in all.  You can read my review of Spot It! here.

Simplicity Parenting

Simplicity Parenting: Using the Extraordinary Power of Less to Raiser Calmer, Happier and More Secure Kids by Kim John Payne has probably had a bigger influence on my parenting over the past few years than just about any other parenting book I”ve read.  And I read a lot of parenting books.   This is another title that I turn to time and time again and I think every parent should have a copy on their bookshelf.


One Simple Kids reader will win all of these things, my birthday gift to you!

To Enter

To enter, simply leave a comment on this post telling me how you celebrated your last birthday.

This giveaway is open world wide (I don”t mind shipping if you don”t mind waiting for it) and will end at midnight EST on Thursday December 20, 2012.  Good luck!

About Kara

Kara Fleck is the editor of Simple Kids. She is a small town mama, writer, knitter, bookworm, and hooligan. Kara lives in Indiana with her husband Christopher and their four children Jillian, Max, Lucy, and Amelia. You can find more of her writing at KElizabethFleck.com.

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  1. I threw myself a 5oth birthday party! Invited all of my friends, had drinks and dinner in the yard, played 70s rock and roll music and drank lots of wine! All six of my kids pitched in and helped serve and clean up…it was a huge blast!

  2. My last birthday? I celebrated with a cupcake, that my hubby bought me <3 Love him!
    Ashlee´s latest post: Days 17 & 18 of Advent

  3. My husband surprised me with a wonderful party to celebrate my 40th birthday — surrounded by lots of special friends!

  4. I think we just did a quiet day at home. It’s shortly after the new year, so we don’t usually do anything big. My husband will usually give me several nights off that week though which is AWESOME!
    Caroline´s latest post: Pick Up Date Change

  5. I got to celebrate my birthday with the woman who made my birthdays possible: my mom. We live 1000 miles apart, so anytime with her is special, but time on my birthday is even more so.
    Lynda @ Rhody Reader´s latest post: Authors I Love

  6. and P.S. Happy Birthday Kara! Hope you get to have a wonderful day!
    Lynda @ Rhody Reader´s latest post: Authors I Love

  7. My sister ordered me the most awesome cake! It looked just like a basket of yarn and knitting needles, and it tasted SOOO GOOD too! Of course, the sweet homemade cards my kiddos made were absolutely lovely!
    Teish´s latest post: Christmas Stories from Grandma’s Attic

  8. My husband and kids and I went to Five Guys for dinner (where we were all happy with the food and atmosphere), saw a rainbow, and then to Barnes&Noble and everyone in the family got books. It was perfect. I made pumpkin cupcakes for our weekly Sunday dinner with extended family.
    Jenny´s latest post: Protecting Innocence by jenny

  9. My birthday is on Halloween, and for the second year in a row my family was served at a restaurant by a women dressed in a ladybug costume. It always makes for interesting birthdays!
    Jenn´s latest post: He Shall Reign by Tom Wuest

  10. Hope it’s a great next year of life, blessings on you Kara. I usually end up spending my birthday celebrating my daughter’s which is 4 days before mine. My all time best birthday was being home with my new 4 day old daughter, best.present.ever!

  11. My 28th birthday was almost forgotten (by me) as I was 36 weeks pregnant and eagerly awaiting the first birthday of my first child. My mom, however, didn’t forget :) We had a lovely simple celebration with the people I love most – and my daughter arrived three weeks later!

  12. Celebrated with a simple dinner. Happy Birthday to you!
    Allison´s latest post: Gift Card Giveaway from Flatout Bread

  13. I spent my last birthday blowing the candles out on top of the cake my family made for me and the one that my children decorated. It was a nice way to enter the second half of my 30’s.

  14. Went out to lunch with my mother and my oldest and dearest friend and then had cake that night with my daughter.

  15. Lawana Gray says:

    I spent my last birthday traveling home from Cambodia from a missions trip with Mission of Mercy. An amazing trip!

  16. My husband and daughter made me a cake, and we just spent time together. Always the best!

  17. I was pregnant with my 2nd, nursing back to health my husband and 3yo as we all had the stomach flu! It took a while to remember what I did for my birthday. Now I remember why! It was my son’s first bout and I never felt more helpless than watching him in the midst of it only able to reassure it wouldn’t last forever.

  18. I turned 35 this year, in June. I celebrated quietly this year. My husband selected another beautiful card. I have grown increasingly self conscious about the melasma on my face. Each of our four daughters brought on a little bit more in a little different spot! After each baby, I postpone treatment due to nurslings, and then, well, we’ve added another baby. Now we’re trying to conceive another child. My dear husband bought me a Clarisonic Mia for that birthday — I love that I feel more comfortable in my skin again. My melasma remains but the rest of my face looks so much better, the overall look is healthy rather than tired mama skin. It truly was a gift that keeps on giving. :)

    It does not do miracles, but it did help me feel pretty in my skin.

  19. I was 9 months pregnant on my last birthday, but I did manage to spend a nice afternoon with my mom, aunt, and sister. We visited a quaint local town and indulged in some gourmet cupcakes. It was lovely (even if I was waddling!)!

  20. I celebrated by a big spur of the moment dinner out with whoever could come & it was a blast. And a first!

  21. Happy Birthday, Kara!

    I celebrated my last birthday with a book. A friend took my kids for me for the afternoon and I sat around a read. I don’t get to do this as much as I’d like, so it was a treat!
    Mindy´s latest post: The Artistic Side of Photography

  22. i celebrated my last birthday with a dinner out with the kids and hubs. they love the opportunity to eat out and we try to make it special!

  23. Sara Suastez says:

    My 30th birthday was a week and a half ago an I celebrated with my family at Peter Piper Pizza! It was one of my favorite places growing up and I still love it so my husband surprised me and had my family come there and celebrate! The funny thing is I am gluten intolerant and Peter Piper was kind enough to let my husband bring in a gluten free pizza for me and the rest of the family ate theirs! It was so wonderful! (Probably sounds funny that I’m 30 and loved having it there!)

  24. I celebrated my last birthday being uber pregnant waiting for my little one to come!

  25. My last birthday started with croissants and cafe au lait in bed (this is turning out to be my four year old’s very favorite birthday tradition–minus the coffee!). After that, it was the usual day of mom to small child and infant. It was good to have a day to feel special and savor the kids a bit more, though (shouldn’t I do that every day?)

    I think I would also love your favorite things 😉

  26. My husband threw me a birthday party with a Chinese 12 course banquet and dancing afterwards. It was my first birthday party in my entire life.

  27. My four kids and husband let me sleep in late (they are 1-9 and sleep is still a luxery) and then had a huge, yummy breakfast waiting for me. The day was relaxed and calm. Just the thing for a mom that is usually running all around!

    Happy Birthday!

  28. I spent my last birthday on an airplane, flying home after a fantastic summer visiting family and friends.

  29. Thank you for such a great gift on your special day and happy birthday to you!
    I celebrated my last birthday on top of moving boxes in our first house and loved it :-)

  30. My last birthday kind of came and went without much attention; my family did give me a few gifts though. I was glad for the birthday non-bash, actually, because I had a toddler and a newborn and I was just pretty much exhausted!

  31. I celebrated late because my daughter was on a mission trip to Haiti. We drove up to the beautiful Belknap Hot Springs (Oregon) where there are beautiful gardens. We had an Italian food picnic and took family pictures. Later in the day, our newly adopted son got to re-connect and we got to meet his wonderful foster family from 5 years ago. It was a great day!

  32. Congratulations and Happy Brilliant celebrations to you!!! Totally fab GiveAway and thrilled to see that it is world-wide!!!

  33. I celebrated with dinner out with hubby ad kiddos! Love quality time with my family!

  34. I celebrated with some private time to journal about the previous year and make plans for the upcoming year, then with my family for dinner and cake.

  35. We sort of forgot my last birthday. It was a crazy end of the school year rush, I was just getting over being very sick for three weeks and we had just found out we were expecting our second child.

  36. Dinner and a massage!

  37. Ummmm….I can’t remember. Not too memorable, unfortunately. :S

  38. Kristina Best says:

    Well my last birthday I did nothing. I don’t normally celebrate mine. I will be having another on the the 29th of this month and I will be 33 yrs old.

  39. My last birthday….I spent out West with my sister. Sick as could be with morning sickness but still fun!
    Cynthia I´s latest post: Abstract Art Session

  40. I me, oh my! I celebrated turning 50 this summer in three ways:
    1) on my actual birthday I had a dozen friends over for a dessert and champagne party where everyone wrote a bucket list for me and we played party games.
    2) I met four of my best friends in Santa Fe for a weekend of girl talk.
    3) I trained for and completed my first sprint triathlon.

    Happy Birthday to me!!!

    P.S. I would love to get all of these things (even a second copy of Heaven on Earth as I gifted mine to a friend!) and am so grateful for the chance. Thanks a million.

  41. Happy Birthday!
    For my last birthday, my aunt and uncle surprised me by coming to my house and decorating it with balloons and then ordering take out for my whole family for dinner!! It was so nice to be treated like a kid again!

  42. my last birthday was spent at a bbq place I like with my inlaws, husband, 2 small children and 2 of our friends and their 3 children.

  43. I actually spent my last birthday in the hospital, but I’m hoping for better birthdays to come!

  44. My last birthday ended up being a “Week of Me”. It was my husbands idea and almost everyday for a week, there was something small to open or a gesture from him and the kids. It ended with the start of our week long vacation in Maine….it was WONDERFUL :)
    Jessika´s latest post: The Halls are Decked

  45. Happy Birthday!

    I’m a single mama, and for my last birthday I had a special mama-son date with my little one! Nothing big, just a rare dinner out at his fave place.

  46. Went out to dinner with husband and kids.

  47. Cara Thompson says:

    Hi! My last birthday is hard to remember (pregnancy brain), but I know my husband took our family to our favorite restaurant and I had the most delicious meal of all time. My birthday celebration lasted almost 2 weeks because we started with gifts on my husband’s birthday which is 2 weeks before mine.

  48. Happy Birthday!

    I celebrated my last birthday (my 48th) at the Jersey shore with my twin 10 yo daughters. I love spending time with them!


  49. Happy birthday! Hope you have lots of wonderful celebrations in the next few weeks! Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  50. Am pretty sure on my last bday I had two sick kiddos. That was a fun celebration!