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Photo by Tanya McCoy

Taking Mr. Potato Head to New Lengths

Pomme du terre is literally “apple of the earth” and serves as the term for potato in French.  I love potatoes and find that I always buy too many.  So, bear with me as I share with you my exploration of what the heck I can do with the extras to avoid being wasteful.  If you think about it, this little dirt veggie has a lot of education & entertainment potential.  But, if you don’t think about it… that’s what I’m here for.

From serving as a great visual for plant growth to acting as a conductor of electricity, there’s no real reason for potatoes to go to waste.  Check out these resources I’ve found as proof.

Spotlight on Spuds from NCSU’s Science Junction

  • Featuring: The Potato Clock, Floating Potato & Insulating Potatoes

Potato Power

  • An amazing intro to BASIC electrical engineering… with a potato battery

Potato Craft Dough

  • Edible craft dough.  You don’t have to say “Don’t Eat That!!” with this one.

Potato Maze | Fantastic Family Project

  • An activity featured on PBS Kids that will entertain and amaze.

Potato Chip Can Camera

Potato Chip Bag Bracelet

Potato Launcher

  • Attempt at Your Own Risk .. and at your own house.
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  1. Thanks for the great ideas. We are getting ready to plant potatoes! I’m sure we are going to need a few ideas just to eat them all. 🙂

    Kim @ Forever Wherever’s last blog post..Tasty Tuesday Blog Party Invite

  2. You can also cut them in half, carve out shapes, dunk them into paint, use them as stamps on paper. Super simple! 🙂

    MommyAmy’s last blog post..How to import your blog to Facebook

  3. 🙂 Thanks for the links… We have a friend coming over Friday (They have in service day at school, so Keenan gets his friend here all day) – it was history day for us, but I think we’ll switch, make it science day and have some potato education!!

    reneegrace’s last blog post..rescheduling… finding the balance

  4. Being from Idaho originally potatoes are a major staple in my life.
    But I am excited to have some fun experiments and projects to do
    with our kids. Thanks!

  5. I am so glad you guys are enjoying this post! I honestly thought it was a super silly idea at first, but I’d totally do these activities, so I’m glad I’m not alone. 🙂

    MommyAmy – Thanks for including the Potato Stamp idea– so easy & so much fun… you can make ANY kind of stamp, too — great for those kiddos with specific tastes.