Book Review: Gigi, God’s Little Princess


The following is a review by Amy Thue of Girlfriends Get Real.

As a mother of three girls, we have a lot of make believe time as princesses in our house. We have enough dress-up clothes to outfit all of my girls and the neighborhood.  A few years ago I found the Gigi, God’s Little Princess series from Sheila Walsh and my girls and I fell in love with the main character Gigi.

Gigi: God's Little Princess

Every little girl and big girl wants to feel like a princess, but it seems like a dream. In the wonderful first book in the series, Gigi thinks that she is the only princess and she plays the part everyday.

Every night when her daddy tucks her into bed he calls her his princess. She dreams of living in a castle and she wonders where her parent’s have hidden the royal jewels.

She was rather troubled however that she didn’t look like a princess. Her hair would not lie down and her freckles would not go away.

Gigi’s best friend Frances was one of her subjects, as well as her cat Lord Fluffy. One day while having tea, Frances asks Gigi a troubling question, “What makes you a princess and why am I not a princess?”

Gigi decided to get some clarification from her parent’s on this question. Her mother shocked her by telling her that her and Frances were both princesses.

She could not wait to share this news with Frances, but now they were both very confused. How could they be princesses if their daddies were not kings?

Gigi decided that she needed to clear up this matter with her daddy. She asked him when he tucked her into bed that night:

“Daddy, are you a king?”

“Why would you think that?” he said.

“If I am a princess, you must be a king.”

“Well, you are a daughter of a very great King,” Daddy said. “He is King above any other king.”

Big tears began to pool in the corners of Gigi’s eyes. “Are you not my daddy?” she asked.

“Of course I am,” Daddy said, squeezing her tightly. “But we are children of the greatest King of all. This King rules over everything there is, and you are His daughter. You are God’s little princess!”

Gigi finally understands and she cannot wait to tell Frances.

This book is wonderful story to make any little girl realize her worth. It doesn’t just have to be a fairytale or a dream for her to be a princess.

The illustrations of Gigi bring her character to life with the story. With her giant curls, freckles and flip flops she comes to life as a little girl full of spunk.

This heart warming story, full of pink, is a perfect book for any princess. There are four other books in the series – a wonderful collection of books for any little girl.

And if you are a mom of boys, there is also a collection about Will, God’s Mighty Warrior.

What are you reading with your princesses and princes right now?

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  1. I’ve seen these books before but never read them. We have two little princesses (and one prince) who love to read and now I’m excited to find these for them. Yesterday we about cleaned out the library of their Thomas books. We also got one called Haystack which I really love and my oldest loves Madeline.

  2. This looks like such and adorable series! I can’t wait to look up the devotional bible!
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  3. My 4 year old daughter also loves Gigi, but we haven’t got the books yet. With her first little stash of money that she had saved we went to the bookstore and I found the Gigi Princess Playhouse on sale in the clearance aisle. It is missing some of the dressup clothes which is why is was only $5 but my daughter was completely tickled to buy something on her own and I was pleased to find something I knew she would enjoy. The playhouse lives in my husband’s nightstand and she plays with it when she wakes up earlier than I’m ready to get out of bed :)
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