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I had planned on this giveaway having another post before it, but my delegated time for working in the last few days has been consumed by trying to get the site back up… for this giveaway. So, I’ll get to the assessment of your kids’ knowledge retention in the next couple days. In the mean time, you should be entering as many times as allowed for this:

Hearth Song is an unbelievable company dedicated to the seamless unity of play and education. Many of the toys they offer are open-ended with very little instruction. However, I venture to claim that all of the Hearth Song Exclusives promote a boundless amount of creativity and almost no effort.

That’s a pretty big deal. I have focused a lot of energy on trying to make learning fun… on trying to engage them in the creative process and getting them to activate that imaginative, this-is-what-makes-YOU-exceptional, part of the brain. It‘s incredibly refreshing and a little humbling to open these toys from Hearth Song and have that cognitive process stripped of all difficulty.

AND, one lucky reader will win this Hearth Song Exclusive triplet!

Here’s what’s included (and pictured):

Connectagons: I had my doubts about this product. Judging on the picture alone, I thought they looked like an overwhelming amount of flimsy discs that will likely be lost in a matter of days. 240 pieces of anything in a house with children is ambitious for a company to assume you’ll keep around, eh?

I became a huge advocate of connectagons in a matter of minutes. They’re NOT flimsy; they are made out of wood. The bright assortment of painted discs are thick enough to be sturdy, but Hearth Song made them thin enough to maintain an almost weightless state.

240 discs x 8 useable slots for construction each.< Honestly, I can’t watch my kids play with these. I’m on the floor with them and building away.

About the storage: I winced a little upon opening the outer packaging for the connectagons. I was thinking, “Okay, there are 240 little things inside this small box and I’m never going to be able to make them condense into this size again.” Ha! You open the cardboard outer box only to find a wooden inner box about the size of a cigar box. The top slides out from an inner groove of the sides only to reveal neat, happy little rows of connectagons stacked like poker chips. This alone sold me on the product. Toy-making genius, really.

Domino Race:
I definitely remember lining up dominoes vertically only to watch a fun trail of them falling down. But the dominoes I used were the rounded black dominoes… you know, dominoes. These are dominoes done the Hearth Song way. You can build bridges, stairs and ramps with the accessories in the pack. There is a marker for both the Start & Finish lines for kids to create a limitless array of tracks that only they can create… there’s no diagram on purpose. The awesome people at Hearth Song have donated both the original set of Domino Race and the Add-On Set accessory pack for this giveaway.  Don’t worry, they come with a drawstring storage bag.

Automoblox: Finally, I asked Hearth Song if they’d donate one of the many sets in their Automoblox collection. What I’m giving away is the A9 Compact. All of the Automoblox collections work together. If you buy one, it stands alone as creative building, and it helps young kids to get a better feel for how real things are put together. When you combine a few sets, it allows for a huge range of options that are all compatible and incredibly entertaining.

How to Enter for the (awesome) Hearth Song Triplet Giveaway:

1. Leave a comment in response to the question: When, and with what objects, do you see your kids thinking and having fun at the same time?

2. Subscribe! After you do, email me at simplekidsblog [at] gmail [dot] com with NEW SUBSCRIBER as the subject. If you’re already a subscriber, email me with “Current Subscriber” as the subject!

3.Post this on your blog, or update your twitter status, or join SimpleKids on Facebook and email me with “POSTED” as the subject and the link to where I can find it.

Five entries is the limit with all-of-the-above included.

This giveaway will end on Thursday, 12 February at 11:59 PM. You have plenty of time to spread the word and enter as many times as allowed.

If your friends don’t have kids, tell them to enter for the benefit of your kids.

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  1. Unstructured free play is great. We have a pretend box of lots of things, old controller, costumes, old pots and pans, paper tubes, etc.

    Also Tinker toys. Those should have been called thinker toys. We are building, counting, learning shapes and colors. So fun!

    Katheryn’s last blog post..persephonee: Liking Simple Kids feed

  2. I can see my little man learning while playing with a couple of different Fisher Price shape sorters he has. One talks and tells him the name of the shape when he finds the right place, and the other is a basic bucket that allows us to help and interact with him as well. At 14 months, he can match all the shapes, even if he can’t say what they are.

    Mandy Stewart’s last blog post..Sentcsy Give-Away

  3. Gosh, I see the little wheels in their brains twirling whenever they play with Legos, blocks, puzzles and boxes.

    Amanda Padgett’s last blog post..5 Things About Me

  4. My daughter likes to play with spaghetti noodles, rice, etc! She’s starting to try to make letters out of everything, so they are nice manipulatives for her!

    Kristi @ RunWatchPlayWait’s last blog post..David’s great demise: part two

  5. I just have to say… These are so fun to read, they are making my wheels turn in more & more directions with every suggestion. You guys are amazing.

  6. My girls have endless imaginations when they are playing with homemade play dough. They will play for hours – with just play dough and toothpicks!

    Amy Warden’s last blog post..Sixth Picture Meme

  7. I best see this cross section of fun and thinking when my kids are either building with blocks (especially with Legos) or with their arts and crafts supplies.

    We love Hearthsong in our house and I am glad to see their products featured here…thanks for the great giveaway!

  8. I love watching my boys play with trains, building tracks, going to new destinations all the time. It is amazing the conversations all the trains have and how much fun my boys have with them. Thanks for sharing!!!

  9. this is such a fun contest. Any kid would be lucky to have these toys!

  10. I watch my 3-year old son putting together his train tracks and am amazed sometimes at how much thought he puts into figuring out just the right configuration, and how each and every time it is completely different. He also LOVES practicing writing letters and numbers, and playing “dress up.” Finally, he loves his “computer,” which has number and spelling games on it.

    Jennifer Clark’s last blog post..Lemons for lunch

  11. My son has fun with huge cardboard boxes. He thinks creatively and blasts off into space in his ‘rocket’ one minute then he’s back and riding a camel. Oh, and then he rests in his ‘tent’ while he thinks of what the box will magically be next.

  12. Hi there,

    I have four kiddos. I see them all thinking and having a good time during craft time. If they have paper, glue and scissors they are thinking, creating and getting along well with each other! (A bonus!) I love to see their minds active while they are creating something to be proud of.
    I also see my boys play alot with Legos, and Bionicles. These products cause alot of imaginative play.

    Tasha’s last blog post..Highlights From our Latest Trip!

  13. Tinker Toys have been a huge hit recently with my 8, 5 and 2 year old kids. They have built many things with them.

  14. We love doing puzzles as a family and building and creating together. Simple wooden blocks are always fun.

    Kim N’s last blog post..Cute and Easy Valentine’s Day Crochet Project

  15. My three-year-old daughter loves hands-on activities. She can play with play dough for hours. The other day she modeled my face, complete with ears. Yesterday it was Backpack, from Dora the Explorer. Now, the face was good, but the backpack was the spittin’ image of Backpack! I’m not sure how she did it, especially since she’s only seen Dora a few times, but she did.

  16. My toddler loves to play with blocks, LEGOS, puppets, stuffed animals, etc and I love to see her imagination shine through with all of these toys.

  17. My kids are really creative with blocks but in different ways. To my daughter, everything is a family or a play house or food for cooking with, and to my son everything is a vehicle of some sort. It’s interesting to see how they play so differently!

  18. I love these! My kids are always figuring out ways to build things with stuff laying around. Towers using items destined for recycling, forts of laundry (usually after it’s already been folded :^), and hiding spaces with pillows. It would be great to have toys they could easily put together in a million different ways. Pick ME!

  19. (I’ve had Connectagons on our wishlist for ages!)

    My eleven-month-old is learning how to walk, so I see his little mind working every time he’s balancing on those two pudgy little feet.

    My two-year-old has a brain that just won’t stop! Everything seems to get it going! But I love to watch her as she plays with her dolls … the elaborate scenarios that are not quite exactly like what we did yesterday or last week. Love it!

    Joanna’s last blog post..More On The Daddy/Daughter Dance

  20. Building blocks, for sure. We have just the plain colored, geometric blocks and he loves to make different tower configurations, trying out to see which combination work to build the jighest tower.

  21. My kids love legos, playdough and their craft boxes. They will sit for hours and they think up all kinds of creative things! Really, the stuff they make is quite amazing to me!

    Laine’s last blog post..Did you know….

  22. My four year old goes to town with paper, scissors, markers, glue, and an envelope. Color/write, cut, glue, stuff.

  23. Wow – what fun toys! My oldest (22 months) is fascinated with water – pouring, scooping, spraying and it is a blast to watch her pick out which containers to scoop or pour into or which of her animals (or family members!) needs a bath!

  24. Legos by far!

  25. Legos and puzzles

    Lady Jen’s last blog post..Just An Earthly Possession

  26. Dolls & her dollhouse. I really see her imagination in place when she’s playing with them.

  27. My daughter loves her blocks.

  28. My son has fun and is thinking while he puts together his race track. He tries to figure out different curves and ramps coming off of kitchen chairs etc. He’s only four – but has a great imagination!

  29. What a neat company! My children love to use their imagination and create games, build, and play. Even if it is just pillows off the bed, Lincoln Logs, wooden blocks, train set, etc… Thanks for the information.

    brooke’s last blog post..Valentine Treat!

  30. I just subscribed to your blog! Thank-you.

  31. My boys love playing with Wedgits. You can see their minds at work as they figure out how to turn and stack the different sizes to create something new.

    Heather G’s last blog post..Change of plans

  32. Sticks, mud, and rocks if we are outside. Blocks, scissors, and puzzles if we are inside.
    Thanks so much! (I almost ordered the Connectagons at Christmas, but was a little overwhelmed at the number of pieces – good to know they can be organized when it’s time to put them away!)

    Brigid’s last blog

  33. My son is 1, and I can tell the wheels start turning when he is playing with his muscial instruments–drum, maracas, etc.

    I also love how he can make anything into a toy–a leaf, the broom–such imagination!

  34. Puzzles are great for helping kids learn to concentrate.

    Kristen’s last blog post..Date Night in Oak Park

  35. my daughter’s all time favotrite is her corduroy books…

  36. Definitely the art supplies: scissor, glue and lots of paper!

    Wendi’s last blog post..Happy Birthday, Mr. Lincoln

  37. My little boy is only one, and I can already see his little mind absorbing everything around him. Right now we have black and white wooden blocks that he loves. He is already asking “wha da” (what’s that) to just about everything. Amazing to watch!

  38. My daughter loves her dry erase board and for my son blocks.

  39. My boys think and play the hardest when they are playing with their geomags. We allowed them to buy some add-ons with Christmas money and they are pleased with their investment! hours and hours of fun….

  40. My children have many favorites in terms of creativity. They have literally spent hours with pipe cleaners, paper and colored pencils. For awhile they had a “business” they called twirlo-whirlo and hot-spots of their creations. They love to sit and draw.

  41. My son loves dress up. He is so imaginative and I love watching him create different characters and acting them out.

  42. They spend hours and hours at the table drawing and crafting. Just give them a fistful of markers and a stack of paper. Good to go!

    HopiQ’s last blog post..Awww….

  43. Our boys (6 & 3) can spend hours with magnatiles ~ creating a village with little people, animals & cars etc. They also love using couch pillows and blankets to build forts/caves/castles/zoos etc. Of course, they turn into many different characters according to what they make!

  44. My mother was cleaning her shop, and gave us a huge bag of wood scraps (the ends sandded, and dsted). My 2 and 5 year olds played with them for hours. Endless imagination.

  45. Thanks for the offer. Art: paper, markers, glitter pens, stickers, etc.

  46. PLAYMOBIL! It is the staple toy at our house! Sadly the man who invented it just passed away. Upon hearing this, my five year old timidly asked “Did he show someone ELSE how to make it?”

  47. Thank you so much for this… with 3 5 year olds, yes 3 of them ( plus a 14 and 11 yr old)… it would be triple the fun!!!! Right now they love anything with glue and paper and a huge pile of rocks…

    denise’s last blog post..Carolers performance

  48. I am now a subscriber.

    denise’s last blog post..Carolers performance

  49. I see the wheels turning when he’s stacking those colorful wooden blocks!

  50. I can tell Kaelan is thinking with just about anything she plays with. She’s very curious and is always testing cause and effect. Of course, the teacher in me pushes the envelope as far as she’ll let me, and we “experiment” with everything in the house.

    Charissa’s last blog post..Apple Barn, Anyone?


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