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This giveaway is now closed.

I had planned on this giveaway having another post before it, but my delegated time for working in the last few days has been consumed by trying to get the site back up… for this giveaway. So, I’ll get to the assessment of your kids’ knowledge retention in the next couple days. In the mean time, you should be entering as many times as allowed for this:

Hearth Song is an unbelievable company dedicated to the seamless unity of play and education. Many of the toys they offer are open-ended with very little instruction. However, I venture to claim that all of the Hearth Song Exclusives promote a boundless amount of creativity and almost no effort.

That’s a pretty big deal. I have focused a lot of energy on trying to make learning fun… on trying to engage them in the creative process and getting them to activate that imaginative, this-is-what-makes-YOU-exceptional, part of the brain. It‘s incredibly refreshing and a little humbling to open these toys from Hearth Song and have that cognitive process stripped of all difficulty.

AND, one lucky reader will win this Hearth Song Exclusive triplet!

Here’s what’s included (and pictured):

Connectagons: I had my doubts about this product. Judging on the picture alone, I thought they looked like an overwhelming amount of flimsy discs that will likely be lost in a matter of days. 240 pieces of anything in a house with children is ambitious for a company to assume you’ll keep around, eh?

I became a huge advocate of connectagons in a matter of minutes. They’re NOT flimsy; they are made out of wood. The bright assortment of painted discs are thick enough to be sturdy, but Hearth Song made them thin enough to maintain an almost weightless state.

240 discs x 8 useable slots for construction each.< Honestly, I can’t watch my kids play with these. I’m on the floor with them and building away.

About the storage: I winced a little upon opening the outer packaging for the connectagons. I was thinking, “Okay, there are 240 little things inside this small box and I’m never going to be able to make them condense into this size again.” Ha! You open the cardboard outer box only to find a wooden inner box about the size of a cigar box. The top slides out from an inner groove of the sides only to reveal neat, happy little rows of connectagons stacked like poker chips. This alone sold me on the product. Toy-making genius, really.

Domino Race:
I definitely remember lining up dominoes vertically only to watch a fun trail of them falling down. But the dominoes I used were the rounded black dominoes… you know, dominoes. These are dominoes done the Hearth Song way. You can build bridges, stairs and ramps with the accessories in the pack. There is a marker for both the Start & Finish lines for kids to create a limitless array of tracks that only they can create… there’s no diagram on purpose. The awesome people at Hearth Song have donated both the original set of Domino Race and the Add-On Set accessory pack for this giveaway.  Don’t worry, they come with a drawstring storage bag.

Automoblox: Finally, I asked Hearth Song if they’d donate one of the many sets in their Automoblox collection. What I’m giving away is the A9 Compact. All of the Automoblox collections work together. If you buy one, it stands alone as creative building, and it helps young kids to get a better feel for how real things are put together. When you combine a few sets, it allows for a huge range of options that are all compatible and incredibly entertaining.

How to Enter for the (awesome) Hearth Song Triplet Giveaway:

1. Leave a comment in response to the question: When, and with what objects, do you see your kids thinking and having fun at the same time?

2. Subscribe! After you do, email me at simplekidsblog [at] gmail [dot] com with NEW SUBSCRIBER as the subject. If you’re already a subscriber, email me with “Current Subscriber” as the subject!

3.Post this on your blog, or update your twitter status, or join SimpleKids on Facebook and email me with “POSTED” as the subject and the link to where I can find it.

Five entries is the limit with all-of-the-above included.

This giveaway will end on Thursday, 12 February at 11:59 PM. You have plenty of time to spread the word and enter as many times as allowed.

If your friends don’t have kids, tell them to enter for the benefit of your kids.

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  1. Our girls (6 and 3) can’t get enough of I Spy go fish! They love to play with each other and their friends, or we play it all together. I like that it’s portable and easy enough for my 3 year old, but exciting enough for her big sister. I just found your site through simplemom… it!!

    leigh ann’s last blog post..Too busy????

  2. The simplest toys make my 15 month old the happiest. His containers of books, puzzles, or blocks is what he ends up with every time.

    I think I have finally convinced my Mom he doesn’t really care for the whirling, screaming, flashing stuff. Yeah! Less plastic in my house that will only entertain him for a few minutes, but will annoy me for much longer.

  3. Just this morning my kids were making ‘books’ – by coloring pictures from coloring books, tearing out the pages and taping them together into a ‘book’. Then they dictated the story to me and I wrote on each page.

  4. What a wonderful giveaway! My son is almost 7 and I find that he really get creative with his drawing and legos. My daughter who is 3 loves puzzles. If they play together or have friends over they really have a blast with our marble run. They all work together to create some interesting contraptions to make the marbles go down the track. We used to use things from our recycle bin to make the run but one christmas we got the marble run and it has been used regularly since.

  5. What fun! Our family “must-have” is Playmobil and Playdoh. My 9 and 5 year old will entertain themselves for hours with these two things. It’s so easy to throw a piece of oilcloth on the floor and let them play with playdoh to their heart’s content. The oilcloth makes clean up a breeze!

    What a great giveaway!

    Kristen’s last blog post..It’s Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas…

  6. Wooden blocks, Lego and play-doh are the toys most played with and generate the most thinking and fun at the same time around here. My kids are 1, 4, and 7 so they all do things a little differently but those toys seem to bring them all together.

  7. n: When, and with what objects, do you see your kids thinking and having fun at the same time?


  8. I have found that my son (18 months) uses his most creative imagination when he is playing with his silks! My husband thought he would never give them the time of day but I thought otherwise….. Our son loves to try to find ways to tie them together or lay them on the floor so that they cover the whole floor with little spaces in between so he can walk between them…then watching him walk around them is hilarious!!!!

  9. Susan Murphy says:

    Love, love, love Hearth Song! Their products are some of my daughters’ favorites. It’s wonderful to watch them take ordinary objects and transform them into all kinds of imaginative play things. I’m continually amazed at the power of imagination! I find that blocks and other building toys also provide great opportunities for them to think and play at the same time. Thanks for this great giveaway :)

  10. My daughter is 8-months and loves her Tupperware Toy that has little yellow pieces. She can’t put the pieces inside it yet, but they fit perfectly in her little hands.

    Joy (from Just Plain Joy)’s last blog post..Friday’s Fun Find: LendAround

  11. sounds like lots of fun. My son is 11 months old so pretty soon could be enjoying some of these fun toys.

  12. My kids have been having lots of fun with play food – party time for everyone!

  13. Currently, his tools – he is starting to understand the different function each one has!

    susie’s last blog post..Times, they are a changing….

  14. My children really tend to think while playing when they play with K’nex and Legos in particular. These toys in the giveaway look like so much fun!!!

  15. My elder son (almost 5, gosh) is crazy about Klezmer music and wants to learn the clarinet. He takes anything longer than it is wide (sticks, straws, paper towel rolls) and turns them into clarinets. Come to think of it, just about anything can be a musical instrument in his hands. The baby (19 mos) knows now that whenever he hears music, he should either start dancing or go to the instrument cubby and get one for himself and play along!

    Naomi’s last blog post..Our Town

  16. Catherine Wheeler says:

    My son 2 and 1/2 builds trains out of everything–blocks, bread crusts, sticks, paper scraps, animal figures. Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. My 3yo son has a small train set. He loves to arrange and rearrange the track pieces. Sometimes he makes a track, sometimes he just makes patterns on the floor.

  18. My 2 year old is really into cars, trucks and trains right now. So when he’s “playing cars” it’s really fun to see him driving them around and talking about all the places they’re going. He also likes to put little animal figures in the cars so that they’re driving. He’s just recently been able to put his wild imagination into words and it’s great!

  19. Legos – it always seems to get them thinking creatively – and the possibilities are practically endless, yet they always enjoy them.

  20. Teresa Clark says:

    My 4 year old and I love to play with homemade play doh. Add some wiggle eyes and we can make creatures all day.

  21. These look like awesome toys! And I’m sure my girls would love them once they’re a tad older. :)

    MommyAmy’s last blog post..Happy Friday the 13th!

  22. My 2 year old loves a small box of Melissa & Doug puzzles that he has.

  23. My son is just discovering the joys of pretend food in a play kitchen. This morning he made “carrot soup” in a metal pan in his “microwave.”

  24. waterplay!! Sometimes it is very messy–but worth it.

    that and cooking…same boat–can be so messy (and take so much longer) but seeing the wheels turning, so cute.

  25. My 3yr old and 18mo old love to play tea party/picnic with me or their stuffed animals. I enjoy seeing them set it all up and figure out who gets what color cup/saucer, pouring the tea and thinking of other pretend things to eat…It is a lot of fun.

  26. Good ole’ red solo cups from a long ago party– my son takes them out at least once a day to build towers!

    Lisa’s last blog post..The Magic of Touch: A Gift For The One You Love

  27. We have three children and they love to build things. They go through cycles of wanting to create with blocks, Legos, Zoobs and then wanting to be very creative with any sort of art supplies they can find besides the normal art items. They also love to read and be read to.

    Thanks for this great giveaway.

  28. My 3.5 year old loves legos and basic wooden building blocks. I am constantly amazed by the things his little brain is able to design and build.

  29. My boys have a set of bristle blocks that entertain them while making them think at the same time – perfect!

    I would love to win this! Thanks for the fun giveaway.

    Kacey’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday

  30. My little one will be 1 on Sunday and I am amazed at how much she is learning! She currently loves to play with containers and their lids. She puts things inside, puts the lid on, takes it off, takes the items out, and repeats it all over again! She is SO proud when she successfully gets that lid in place. :) These toys look awesome – thanks for the great giveaway!

  31. My boys love Legos and KNex, and loved Tinkertoys when they were a bit younger. Playmobil is a favorite at our house as well. My girls like their wooden doll house, painting, and are starting to like Legos. Thanks for entering me! Great giveaway.

  32. When my children were little, I ordered from Hearthsong. THe products way back then were wonderful and I’m sure they still are. Now, it’s my grandchildren I want to gift with these amazing products. My boys loved the Lincoln log sets; even more than the legos! My girls were more into dressup/and horses for their pretend play. When I was a child, I had two shoeboxes full of craft possibilities….empty toilet paper rolls, pipecleaners, felt, buttons etc….I was always creating something…and Mom always was on the lookout for new recyclables such as bits of colored foil, empty spools etc.

  33. My children are most creative when they are drawing together. They’ll often share the paper and add to each other’s creations. It’s heart-warming to watch since one is developmentally delayed.

  34. Playing with puzzles and/or “mind-benders”!

  35. My toddler has just started with her imaginary play (she’s two). She is most creative when she is “baking” something for Mommy or Daddy, or when she is “cooking” alongside me in the kitchen. She loves to play with her blocks, and I enjoy watching her creative process when she fingerpaints or when she plays with her playdough. I am very familiar with Hearthsong–my mom used to order from them when I was small! Thank you for such a lovely giveaway!

  36. My toddler really likes simple puzzles. She has one that matches colors and just loves playing with it. She also really like the I-spy type books.

    Nicole’s last blog post..3 bags of coffee for only $3 and free mug!

  37. My kids are really into Lego’s right now. My son also likes anything he can take apart to see how it works. My daughter loves drawing, puzzles and pretend.
    I think I may have already missed the deadline, but i’ll enter anyways. This would be awesome to win.

    Robyn’s last blog post..Recipes for a friend…

  38. susan singler says:

    When my daughter plays with her dolls and tries to figure out what she wants them to do

    Or when she puts a puzzle together (a simple one)

  39. The thing I see my kids playing with and thinking the most with is the outdoors. They make so many things from forts to stick forests. It’s great to see them interact with nature.

    Michelle’s last blog post..Gratituesday

  40. I loved Linkin Logs and Legos growing up – my kids seem to play the best together and use their imaginations when they use this gear set their grandpa gave them – tons of gears in all different sizes, bases that link together, and handles to spin the gears once put together. What a toy! I’d love to introduce them to these fantastic looking toys too!

    Emily S’s last blog post..Stop Fightin

  41. Train tracks spring to mind. I can see those wheels spinning as he pieces the tracks together.
    HearthSong IS an awesome company! We’re long time fans of their fabulous toys!

  42. I love watching children playing, being creative and expanding their minds…. so I give them every oppertunity to do so that I can. We use empty soda bottles (we made Valentine Card Holders) paper cups, we’ve made frames out of binder clips…. the list goes on.

  43. I can see my 20-month concentrating so hard when she tries to put nesting cups together and when she pours raw rice or beans from one container to another.

  44. Watching my son (18mo) play with his trains and figuring out how to make them run on tracks is fascinating right now.

  45. My son loves legos at the moment and my daughter is very into Kapla blocks.

    Amy in KL’s last blog post..Malay kitty cat

  46. We gave my daughter a wooden play kitchen for Christmas and she LOVES it. I found some wooden eggs at joann’s and put them in an empty egg carton, and made some felt food. She loves whipping things up for us!

    Joanna’s last blog post..I have not dropped off the face of the earth!

  47. I see my daughter’s imagination at work every time she plays, she can take her spoon and “paddle” down the river, putting legos together to look like dinosaurs. The list is endless and ever changing. I know she would love these toys! Thanks for the chance to win!

  48. My daughter thinks when she plays with manipulative toys, like those awesome Connectagons and Magna-Tiles. Get her hands moving and her mind races! Thanks for offering this giveaway.

  49. My kids are so creative with their legos and their cars. They can literally spend hours building houses, garages, castles, etc. for their cars.

  50. When, and with what objects, do you see your kids thinking and having fun at the same time?



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