Home Sweet Homeschool: March

Happy St. Patrick's Day from SimpleKids.netI thought some of you might like to read about what we’ve been up to in our homeschool lately.  Here’s a snippet from yesterday’s post on my personal blog.

Wow.  I think it has been 6 months since I wrote up a monthly homeschool update for the blog.  Yikes.  No time like the present to get back on track, eh?  So, let’s dive right in and talk about what the kids and I have been learning during the month of March and some of the changes we’ve made since I last wrote about our homeschool.


Toddler Time, age 2 years 7 months – Amelia isn’t technically homeschooling, but I like to record what she’s been up to and learning each month, so I hope you’ll indulge me as I include her in these monthly wrap ups.

One huge milestone for this little style maven:  she can go down the slide at the park all by herself.  Wow!  Talk about what a difference six months makes.  She’s so proud of herself!

This month saw a language explosion and she’s speaking in six and seven and sometimes even eight word sentences.  Usually along the lines of “Mom, you give me that ____, please?” or “Mom, I have more that ____, please?”  Tacking please on the end of requests is fairly new, too.

She’s very interested in brushing her teeth and washing hands.  She’s also interested in the process of doing the laundry and likes to help me transfer it from washer to dryer and then from the dryer to the laundry baskets and then even folding it and helping me put it away.

I give her simple tasks like folding washcloths and pairing socks (which sometimes she matches up correctly and sometimes not).

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