Home Sweet Homeschool: May 2014

Home Sweet Homeschool: May | SimpleKids.net
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I know not all of you who follow this blog are homeschoolers, but enough of you are that I thought sharing this monthly wrap up would be fun and beneficial.

We spent the month of May working toward the end of the homeschool year for 2013 – 2014.  What  year it has been!

Jillian and I traveled from one side of the country to the other, we’ve read dozens of books, created art projects, learned new skills.

We’re (more than) ready for a summer break.  We’ll be using the Nature Camp ecourse I’m a part of again this year and spending a lot of lazy days hanging out in the backyard, at the local park, and the library.

In the meantime, though, we had some work to finish up for May.

Here is what the kids have been up to:

Amelia, age 2 years 9 months – Amelia isn’t technically homeschooling, but I like to record what she’s been up to and learning each month, so I hope you’ll indulge me as I include her in these monthly wrap ups.

Amelia has been joining in with Lucy doing Little Acorn Learning (more on that in a moment).  She loves reading books and playing outside, so this nature based curriculum is really just as wonderful for her as it is for her older sister and I’m happy to get to use it again.

We’ve been using LAL since it came out in 2008 and it has become a part of our family rhythm.


Lucy, preK age 5 – As I mentioned, we will be using Little Acorn Learning for Lucy’s kindergarten year. We spent the month of May finishing up her preschool year and the book list from Sonlight that we’ve been following and reading our way through.

Lucy turned six in May! It was a wonderful day that included this sighting of a Luna moth, which kicked off a few weeks of study all about these neat insects.


Max, first grade age 7 – Max is using Earthschooling grade one, which we switched to in December. He finished up an alphabet block and moved on to more math skills practice. Max much prefers working with numbers to working with letters, but I’m making sure he still has daily reading practice, too.

After a visit to the eye doctor, we learned this month that Max needs glasses.  He’s super excited and this homeschooling mama is wondering if his eyesight has maybe been contributing to his reluctance to read.  Aside from comic books, he doesn’t seem to have a lot of interest there and always claims it is too hard.

I’m eager for him to get his glasses so we can see if that makes a difference for him. He can read, but it is a struggle and I’d love for that struggle to get easier so he can really love books.


Jillian, sixth grade age 12 – Jillian wrapped up her main lesson block on the Romans.  This was a long one, something we’ve been working on since January. We both learned a lot and this was a fun block to work our way through.  As a homeschooling mom, this has been one of my personal favorites.

There is so much more content to the Earthschooling grade six curriculum, but I really feel like she’s ready to wrap up her school year, so we’re going to concentrate on finishing up a few of the books she’s been reading independently and then we look ahead to (gulp) seventh grade.

Jillian also finished her Spring semester of Art Club.  The kids had their art show this month and Jillian enjoyed the chance to show off some of her work. I’m very proud of her!

She’s made a lot of progress with her machine sewing, thanks in part to Nicole of Gidget Goes Home’s Sewing School 101: Simple Tips to Get You Stitching.


What mom learned this month (year!) – This has been quite an unusual year for all of us, due in part to some family issues and some major changes to our household as my sister-in-law moved in with us.

I’m really proud of how well my kids have adjusted and of how hard they’ve worked this year.  We’ve had a lot of fun, too, of course, but there have been some long days.

I was asked if I was going to share a summer bucket list.  After thinking about it, my answer is that this year just isn’t a bucket list kind of year for us. I see the purpose of those things, and I appreciate that, I’ve even made lists like that myself in years past.

But this past year has been a pretty intense one and, as I mentioned on twitter, the kids and I are ready to just … BE.

So, here’s our list: go outside. Play. Have fun! (the end)

Home Sweet Homeschool: May 2014 | SimpleKids.net

I grabbed a copy of Teaching from Rest: a Homeschooler’s Guide to Unshakeable Peace by Sarah Mackenzie of the wonderful blog Amongst Lovely Things. I’m really enjoying it and I think some of you might, too.  Do check out her Read Aloud Revival podcast, it is a treasure!

Also, one more quick one, I just snagged this one for FREE (as of today 5.31.14) and it looks like it might be a good one to do with my soon to be three through eight year olds: Year of Little Lesson Plans: 10 Minutes of Smart, Fun Things to Teach Your Little Ones Ages 3 – 8 Each Weekday. It looks like it might come in handy during those mornings when I need to go on “autopilot” and maybe planning ahead will prevent the chaos that usually happens?  We shall see …

As a family – we keep our anchored with our weekly rhythm. Each day there are lessons and activities that we all do together. Here is what our days looked like, in addition to the kids’ individual lesson blocks:

Monday – Purple 

Tuesday – Red

Wednesday – Yellow

Thursday – Orange

Friday – Green

Saturday – Blue

  • library day
  • art classes (not every week)

We also went to Touch a Truck, our local Farmer’s Market is open again, and we spent some time at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and toured the IMS Hall of fame museum.

LucyBRINGONSUMMERAnd now? Bring on Summer!

Are you homeschooling? Doing toddler time or preschool at home?  What did May look like for you?  Feel free to share a blog post in the comments if you’ve written about it.


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  1. I am not homeschooling my kids (we are in a fantastic public school here in NYC that is beyond amazing!) BUT I devour every homeschool post I read because I feel like every hour I am with my kids, and all the other breaks, I like to think of it in that light! I’m incredibly inspired by all of you moms doing this and definitely feel this will be my path at some point. I have a vision of taking some time off and living off the land so to speak on my parents farm in CA for a bit (well we do it every summer and break already!!). But you have given me the confidence to trust if my husband has a job in another country again for an extended period of time, or we decide to take a break from NYC living at some point, I would never struggle with trying to enroll them in another school. I know our public school is pretty awesome about letting people come and go (a lot of artists have their kids there) and I feel like all of the resources you have shared with me will be my go to, in creating a fantastic curriculum. So, I just wanted to thank you Kara! I think you live in So. Ca? My parents have a farm in Modesto, CA and property up in Moccasin which is like Little House on the Prairie complete with a totally vintage/antique cabin…I wish you lived up north more so we could meet you this summer. xx

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