Giveaway: invite.L dual bag-in-bag

Today is the last day of our annual Home for the Holidays week! I”m a little sad to wind down the week, but we”ve given you some great gift ideas and suggestions that you can take into your holiday celebrations this year.

The final gift I”m highlighting for your holidays is the dual bag-in-bag from inviteL

I have a dual bag-in-bag in apple green and I love it!  It is one of those simple, yet genius ideas:  a bag that you load up with the gear you use on a daily basis but that you can easily move back and forth between your larger totes, diaper bags, and carry-alls without having to do the whole item by item shuffle and re-sort routine.

Just pick the bag-in-bag up by the handles and take it from one tote to the next.  Easy!  This is perfect for a parent on the go, but you don”t have to be a parent to appreciate the convenience of only having to pack a bag once.

It is cushioned, soft, and features all kinds of convenient elements like mesh pockets, zippered pockets, and snaps that let you trim the design if you need to.  I can see why this bag is one of invite.L “s international best sellers.

As a company invite.L specializes in marrying the creative with the practical.  From the website:

we don”t limit our design categories.
basically anything everything that has to do with our daily lives.

Sometimes I need to carry the diaper bag, sometimes I”m using my backpack.  Or my tote.  Or the library bag.  You get the idea.

But no matter what I”m carrying around on any given day, odds are that I need:

  • my glasses/contacts
  • a snack or two
  • a small knitting project
  • a book (especially handy in waiting rooms)
  • pen and paper
  • my phone
  • lip gloss
  • keys
  • the mini first aid kit (with four kids I”ve learned it pays to always have band aids)
  • a backup diaper and wipes
  • my wallet

Thanks to the bag-in-bag, I have access to my go to items without having to pack and re-pack, which is such a time saver!

Because I think Simple Kids readers are the best, I wanted to include a little bonus gift from me to you this holiday season, too.  I”m going to include two of my favorite books along with the bag-in-bag giveaway:  one for you and one for your kids.

While you are drooling over the invite.L website looking for holiday gifts ideas be sure to check out the rest of their stylish and functional accessories as well as their stationary.

Would you like to win a dual bag-in-bag and two of my favorite books? I”d love for you to give a dual bag-in-bag from invite.L to someone you love this Christmas (or keep it for yourself!)

How to win

Simply use the widget below to leave a comment on this post, and you”ll be entered to win! (If you”re reading this via email, please click over to the main post to leave your comment.)

For extra entries, you can also follow inviteL on Facebook—simply follow the steps in the widget below!

This giveaway will end tomorrow night, Saturday December 1st at midnight EST, and we’ll announce the winners of all the holiday giveaways at the end of the week. I hope you”re one of them!

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About Kara

Kara Fleck is the editor of Simple Kids. She is a small town mama, writer, knitter, bookworm, and hooligan. Kara lives in Indiana with her husband Christopher and their four children Jillian, Max, Lucy, and Amelia. You can find more of her writing at

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  1. kleenex, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, gum, spare change, keys, cell, pen, diapers, plastic bags, sunscreen, sunglasses

  2. wipies for our hands!

  3. A change of clothes for the kids, wipes and lip balm. Never go anywhere without lip balm!

  4. I swear my son always has a cold, so tissues and lip balm!

  5. A diaper, wipes, wallet…everything else is optional. :-)

  6. Chapstick, tissues, diapers, wipes, wallet and a bottle of water.

  7. definitely wipes, lotion and snacks!

  8. Snacks, water, pear, colored pencils, notebooks, books to read.

  9. This looks wonderful! Likely put it on the Christmas list if I don’t win it =)

  10. crayons to keep little hands busy

  11. Heidi Wilcox says:

    wipes, snacks, crayons and paper for the kids. This looks awesome!

  12. Wallet, phone, diapers, wipes, snacks, sippy cup…
    Haley @ Carrots for Michaelmas´s latest post: The Feast of St. Andrew, Nov. 30th

  13. Wallet. Check. Diapers. Check. Change of clothes. Check. Now where did I put my cell phone and keys??? This bag would definitely help me with this problem!

  14. Well, I always have to have wipes and diapers :) But also a book. Must have a book.

  15. Wipes, diapers and my wallet. I’ve been carrying 2 bags (a small purse and a worn out diaper bag) so a bag like this would be a perfect solution.

  16. My 3 always must haves are diapers, wipes, and hand sanitizer.

  17. Hand sanitizer, tissues, & chap stick! Oh, and gloves! Thanks for the chance to win!

  18. hand sanitizer and hair ties for the kids hair – oh and chapstick – my girls are obsessed!

  19. must have wallet, notepad and pencil, and my camera. these look fantastic!!

  20. baby wipes, spare diaper, sunglasses, gloves, and tissues. Oh, and my cell phone.

  21. Anna Macdonald says:

    Sunglasses and iPod. Perfect for a stroll in the sun.

  22. iPhone, wallet, healthy snack, lipgloss, face powder about does it!

  23. my gift list (things I’ve already bought) and water

  24. Lindsay Stevenson says:

    lip gloss, a snack for the kids, and sippy cups are my essentials.

  25. There’s always the wipes, of course. An occasional toy goes there. If we’re out and about for longer period of time, then a snack is there too.

  26. Chapstick, change of clothes for the boys, diapers, wipes, and snacks!

  27. Charlia Killingsworth says:

    my softlips, wipes, snacks, drinks, iphone, wallet, keys, sunglasses, charger

  28. SNACKS and a couple changes of clothes :) Kids will definitely be okay meeting new people and family members if you can ease them in with a snack.
    Lindsay´s latest post: Wee Gallery: Art Cards for Baby

  29. ziplock bags

  30. Cool bag!

  31. Snacks, water, diapers, extra clothes, and a couple of toys

  32. thick hand lotion, water bottle, sunglasses, Kindle

  33. Wet Ones and snacks!

  34. chap stick, kleenex, my camera, toys for the kids and of course snacks!

  35. Janice Plado Dalager says:

    This looks so handy!
    Janice Plado Dalager´s latest post: "If people never did silly things nothing intelligent would ever get done."

  36. Wet ones, snacks, camera and a toy.

  37. I keep a magna doodle , helpful for playing games or just drawing and I usually have snacks, diapers , wipes and water bottles!

  38. Kamisha Sullivan says:

    water, chapstick, and tissue are my must haves

  39. Kristen M. says:

    An extra pair of clothes is a must have this time of the year while attending holiday gatherings. Accidents will happen!

  40. my camera, extra hats and mittens, water, my MadeOn lotion bar and lots of Burts Bees chapstick!

  41. Usually little games to keep my boys entertained while we are waiting in lines or during dinner/lunch.
    Tricia´s latest post: Look Who’s 5!!

  42. diaper, wipes, water and snacks.

  43. wallet, chapstick, phone, pen, and baby wipes.
    sarah´s latest post: choices

  44. Stephanie LaFond says:

    Lip balm and definitely tissues for drippy noses!

  45. camera, diaper/wipes, sippy cups, snacks, lip gloss/ chapstick, gloves, phone
    Jen D.´s latest post: Nursing Cover Gift Certificate, Baby Shower Gift by jensgifts

  46. My holiday must-haves aren’t much different than my regular must-haves – I just add a spending envelope for Christmas purchases. In the non-carry-around category, though, I do keep a small tote handy that contains pens, stamps, thank-you notes, a notepad, a return address stamp, and our list of addresses. Makes addressing Christmas cards, packages, and thank-you notes super-easy.

  47. tissues

  48. Susan Hall says:

    I always carry kleenex, lipgloss, hand sanitizer, keys, cell phone, bandaids and my contact lens supplies. Oh, and a small snack.

  49. This looks soooo handy! Wow!

  50. I always carry wet wipes- even though my boys are 4 and 5!

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