July 24th: SK Showcase and Weekend Links

I am so very inspired by this week’s Showcase!  I know you will be, too.

Casey of Live Your Art wrote, “My kids, Max and Madeline, kept backyard nature journals this summer. They liked to work in them in the mornings, after  breakfast outside. I kept one, too!”




What a lovely way to spend a summer morning!

And now, your weekend reading:

Simply Practical

Examiner.com: TV-Free activities to keep your kids busy while you work, part one (link via The Wonder Years)
Unclutterer: Teaching time management skills to children
Parent Hacks: Reuse sport bottles as spill-proof containers for drive-through beverages

Simply Delicious

Nourished Kitchen: 10 Healthy Treats for Kids
Simply Recipes: Zucchini Breakfast Casserole

Inspired Projects

notions & threads: Sort of Marbled Paper
the long thread: Summer Reading Craft #3 (Wabi Sabi)
The Crafty Crow: Outdoor Play Spaces
Let’s Explore Blog: First Embroidery

Inspired Images

therinrins: sprinkler
maya*made: hopes

Inspired Words

Steady Mom: Rest for the Weary Mother
Remodeling This Life: Some Things Never Change
My Super-Charged Life: 40 Things To Teach My Kids Before They Leave Home (guest post from Sherri of Serene Journey)

What will keep you busy this last full weekend in July?  Happy weekending!

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  1. Thank you for the opportunity to showcase! we are off to the natural history museum this weekend, so maybe they will have something to add to their journals:)

  2. Thanks for the links, especially the activities for no TV.

  3. the backyard nature journals make me want to weep with wonderful-ness!