July 3rd: SK Showcase and Weekend Links

Sometimes igniting the creative spark with our kids involves scissors, glitter, tissue paper, and glue.  But the kitchen provides a wonderful avenue for creativity, too!  For today’s showcase, I wanted to share an Earth Day project Jennifer and her kids did in April.  Even though the celebration of Earth Day was months ago, it is a topic that can continue to educate and inspire all of us!

To celebrate earth day, we did a bunch of crafts and read several books.  One of the kids favorite activities we did was make Earth Day Cookies.  We do baking once a week as a family and we spend a lot of time measuring and pouring and mixing; taking time to focus on math concepts or healthy ingredients…but not for our Earth Day Cookies.  It was all about the end product.

We invited 6 neighborhood kids over to take part.  A lot of the kids were young so to keep them interested until the end, I bought a sugar cookie mix and split it in two batches and then added blue food coloring to one batch and green to the other batch.  As we rolled the blue dough into circles we talked about how our earth is round and looked at a globe as reference.  Next step was to turn our globes into maps – first I took the kids to look at a map and compare to a globe.  All the same information is there, just in a flat format…then the kids used their palms to squish the balls into flat circles.  Now it was time to add the continents.  The kids took the green dough and formed it and squished it into the earth.  We talked about how the surface of the earth is covered by about 70% water and 30% land.  Then into the oven they went.

As the cookies were baking, we read Dora Celebrates Earth Day.  It is a fantastic little book printed on recycled paper.  Really kept the focus on the Earth while our cookies were baking.

When the cookies were done we iced them with white icing at the top and bottom to represent the north and south poles.  I have to admit that the cookies were gone before I got a chance to take a photo of this step.




It has been almost 2 months since we celebrated Earth Day and the kids still talk about that day, making the cookies and some of the things we talked about.  This project was a true hit in our home!

It’s a holiday weekend here in the States.  No matter where you are, may you spend the coming days indulging in the simple pleasures of family life!

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Online Knitting Class
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