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Something new: Kara Fleck takes over as the editor of SimpleKids.net
My name is Kara Fleck and I am thrilled to introduce myself as the new editor of Simple Kids! As a long time reader and fan of this blog, I feel honored to be given this opportunity and look forward to jumping right in and getting to work.

I greatly admire all that Megan has done here and I am sure that you join me in wishing her the best in her future endeavors.


Karabio2010I should tell you a bit about myself: I am a wife and mother to three. My family lives in rural Indiana where we balance creative pursuits with work and homeschool.

Like many of you, I often find myself pulled in more than one direction. I wear many hats: mother, teacher, writer, wife, homemaker.

I am not perfect and I don’t have all the answers, but I have learned how to ask questions and set priorities. My sincere wish is that I can share what I have learned here with all of you and that someone will find it helpful and reassuring.

I have the heart of an encourager and nothing makes me happier than being able to bring a little bit of light and ease into someone else’s life. I hope that you will find my voice here that of a helpful friend, someone who you can trust to turn to, laugh with, and learn with.

Life is the most peaceful for me and for my family when we keep things simple and focus on the basics, the essentials.

Jillian and Lucy | 2009 | SimpleKids.net

Something that I have learned over the past 8 years that I have been a mother is that families exist in a fluid state – children grow, needs change, surprises (good and bad) occur, life happens.

Mindful parenting allows my family stay connected and that connection gives us roots,  no matter our season of life.


I am excited to be a part of Simple Living Media and Simple Kids. I am thankful for the opportunity to be given the task of nurturing a place whose purpose is something I’m so passionate about: uncomplicated parenting in a complex world.

I’m proud of Simple Kids’ status as a resource for parents seeking to slow down, get back to basics and to connect with like-minded families. My hope is that the community which has been built here will continue to grow and that we will keep supporting and learning from each other.

I look forward to learning, playing, and enjoying childhood with you.

I’ve shared a bit about myself and now I’d love to get to know more about you! How did you come to this simple path? As a parent, why is simplicity important to you?

About Kara

Kara Fleck is the editor of Simple Kids. She is a small town mama, writer, knitter, bookworm, and hooligan. Kara lives in Indiana with her husband Christopher and their four children Jillian, Max, Lucy, and Amelia. You can find more of her writing at KElizabethFleck.com.

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  1. I found you through Simple Mom. I just subscribed. 😀 I’ve got 2 children – 14 and 10. Looking forward to reading more.
    .-= Sherry´s last blog ..Save or Toss? =-.

  2. I think I am still on the simple path, trying to make it simpler each day. I have a nearly 3 year old girl, a nearly 2 year old boy and another one on the way this June. Soooo, I honestly think simplicity is a survival tactic more than anything.

    Congratulations as the new editor. Will look forward to reading more of your work in the days ahead.

  3. Simplicity is important to me because it allows the most important things to rise to the top.

    When it comes to parenting, those important things are our children. The more complex we make parenting, the more we start doing stuff FOR our kids instead of WITH them.

    I’ve been guilty of that far too often. So, I want to keep it simple. And keep it all about them.

    I’m looking forward to all the great ideas that I’m sure will be shared here. Thanks Kara!
    .-= Kat @ Inspired To Action.com´s last blog ..Squash Your Morning Excuses: A Purpose Greater Than Comfort =-.

  4. canuck_grad says:

    I am interested in simple parenting because I don’t think it’s all that simple anymore! lol
    My son is almost 2, and I really want him to grow up with a family environment, playing with fun and traditional toys, and having lots of outdoor adventures. I want us as a family to do lots of fun things together – camping, walks, trips to the beach, visiting animals at the wildlife park, etc. – although I think things like amusement parks, museum visits, plays, etc. are fun and have their place for sure, I want to make sure we do lots of traditional, simple things that will allow us to connect and build a great family atmosphere. I also want to make sure, that as my son gets older, he has lots of time to play outdoors on his own and have fun adventures – keeping TV/video game time to a minimum.

    Even though this doesn’t sound all that extreme, it is difficult when many people around you are more into sitting around the TV as family time, kids don’t play outside often (where am I going to find playmate’s for my son’s outdoor adventures?), and people buy your 1 year old baby video game systems for X-mas!

  5. I don’t think I’ve started living *simply* yet. It’s something that I aspire to, as I can see a weary look in my families eyes that I don’t even think we are totally aware of yet. I hope to be able to make some serious changes! I have 2 girls (6 and 4), and a husband. I work part-time, my oldest is in 1st grade, and for the first time in our relationship, my husband is not working, but rather going to school full time. I work overnights, my youngest is in daycare. We are running a race, and I hope to find some peacefulness somewhere!

  6. ooh Kara, this is so exciting !
    I’ll be following you over here, with the greatest pleasure !
    Simplifying in all kind of domains is a job in itself, but eventually it becomes natural.
    My boys are 5 1/2 & 7 1/2 & we do our best to make of them two respectful, responsible & wise young little men.

  7. Hi Kara! Welcome and thanks for taking over the reins. I am a mom of 2 in the Southern US. We transplanted from Ontario in July. I have boys in the house and this is the first time in a LONG time that I am home full time. I love it, but feel the need to be more occupied!

  8. Welcome, Kara.

    You’re going to be such a perfect fit for this space & community.

    It’s been clear to me for some time that simplicity is the key to my families happiness. The hard part is not straying too far from simple living and getting caught up in the pace of life.

    I’m eagerly looking forward to all you have to offer us.

  9. Hi and welcome, Kara! Congratulations on taking over Simple Kids–you will be a perfect fit and have so much wisdom and experience to share with us as readers!


  10. Robin (noteverstill) says:

    Congratulations, Kara! You’re inheriting a great site and I’m sure you’re going to do great things with it.
    .-= Robin (noteverstill)´s last blog ..Still life with ice cream cone and suspense =-.

  11. Welcome, Kara! I’m so excited to see the new directions for SK – I know you will do a fabulous job!
    .-= Katie ~ Simple Organic´s last blog ..Welcome to SimpleOrganic.net! =-.

  12. *big huge grin*

    You know I am thrilled to see Simple Kids take off under your care! I look forward to all you will share and say here. Cheering you on every step of the way, mama!
    .-= Megan@SortaCrunchy´s last blog ..Commenting issues, anyone? =-.

  13. Kara-
    Congrats – How exciting for you! I am new to Simple Kids…and I am looking forward to reading more! I am a mom of 2 boys – a recently turned 5 year old and an almost 4 year old. Certainly, I am not sure that I fully understand how to have a “simple life”, but I believe in parenting that: 1) finds the fun in empty boxes, 2) makes room for “I’m bored” moments – allowing room for imagination and creativity, 3) is wary of over-scheduling and 4) embraces everyone’s individuality, including my own.

    I strive to raise my children this way…sometimes I succeed, other times – not so much! I look forward to learning more ways to rasie my kids more simply.

    🙂 Kim
    .-= Kim – In Search of Me in Mommy´s last blog ..In just six words?!!! =-.

  14. Congratulations Kara!

  15. Kara! So happy to see you here 🙂 Subscribing. You’re a few steps ahead of me on this parenting journey (mine are 1 and 3) so I look forward to learning from you!
    .-= Cara @ Natural Family Crafts´s last blog ..We’re Happily a TV Free Family Part 2 =-.

  16. Nice meeting you Kara!
    I’ve got 3 children of my own aged 8, 5 and 2. It is a constant battle to simplify and stay sane. I’m really looking forward to reading all the posts!
    .-= Jenni @ My Web of Life´s last blog ..gDiaper Review =-.

  17. I love Simple Kids, so I am thrilled that it is going to be in such capable hands. I struggle with simplicity, so I can’t wait to read what you have in store for us.


  18. Congratulations Kara!

    Keeping things simple allows me to focus on enjoying the little ones – all four of them.

  19. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for Simple Kids! My kiddos are 3, 2, 2, and 7 months . . . we definitely need simplicity around here! 🙂

  20. Thank you all for the warm welcome! I feel like I am in good company here – I see familiar faces and new ones, too. I’m looking forward to getting to know all of you a bit better through your blogs and words.

    It looks like quite a few of us have babies and toddlers and some moms with older kiddos, too. A great mix!

    Kat, I loved especially what you said about how the more complex we make parenting the more we start doing things FOR our kids instead of WITH them. So true!

    It is important to be in the moment – and you can’t do that if you are always worrying about the next thing … sometimes you have to let go and just BE. When I remember to slow down and stay in the moment mentally, good things happen to my relationship with my kids – from the 8 year old to the baby.

  21. So excited for you, Kara! Looking forward to working with you here.
    .-= Emily @ The Pilot’s Wife´s last blog ..Miles and His Puppy =-.

  22. WELCOME Kara!!!!!! You are such an amazing woman and friend.. I am thrilled beyond words to see you taking over here! A truly perfect fit. Looking forward to what’s to come. xo ~Lisa
    .-= Lisa@VisionaryMom.com´s last blog ..Finding Peace With Human Nature =-.

  23. Congrats again, Kara! It’s been a joy to work with you so far… You’re gonna rock this role!

  24. Just started following Simple Kids today – can’t wait to see what you share with your readers! My husband and I have three little girls (17mos, 3yr, 6yr) that we want to raise mindfully in this busy, busy world!!
    .-= Grace´s last blog ..Truth Teller =-.

  25. Congratulations! you turned me on to the whole Simple space and I think are you perfect for this! I look forward to seeing how you grow in this new place!

  26. I’ve been following Simple Mom for awhile, but just found Simple Kids–I’m excited to see all the new blogs as well! I tried to subscribe to Simple Kids via email, but it tells me I’m subscribing to Simple Homeschool–which is great, but how do I get SKids via email? Thanks!

  27. Like Paige, I have been following Simple Mom for awhile but have just discovered Simple Kids. Can’t wait to see what comes up. Thanks for all of your efforts.
    .-= Catherine´s last blog ..Magnetic valentine hearts =-.

  28. welcome kara!!!

    love what you shared. looking forward to getting to know you…

    .-= exhale. return to center.´s last blog ..one small change: our january re-cap =-.

  29. I am loving all the new goodies around here today!!! But that jump-rope picture is possibly the happiest photograph I have ever seen!!! Love it!!!
    .-= se7en´s last blog ..Sunday Snippet: Three Special Stories – A GiveAway… =-.

  30. Congratulations Kara! I know you will inspire many families as you have inspired mine. You deserve great things and I think you will find them here!!!
    .-= Angela´s last blog ..FPU: Super Savings =-.

  31. Darlene Renie says:

    Congratulations, Kara! This sounds like a perfect fit for you!! Enjoy!

  32. Congratulations on your new gig! I love the simple lifestyle.
    .-= Melitsa´s last blog ..Einstein never used flashcards contest =-.


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